Friday, September 05, 2008

(The post I published few hours ago is gone, for don't know what reason! No trace of it!)

Long time didn't update my blog. And I made an effort to update it just now but then for no reason, it's gone. Gahh!

O well, I'll be having my culinary assessment at 9.30 later and an interview with Concorde Hotel Shah Alam at 2.30pm. I have not done any homework, my practical worksheet, study for assessment or plan what to say during interview. I'm here, sitting in front of the desktop typing with my fingers (:

This is practically 6th hotel I'm applying for. Pelangi Beach Resort and The Datai Langkawi don't accept trainees; Shangri-la and Hilton KL had their quota full before I chose Langkawi Lagoon Resort where they only accept culinary art students. Then the interview with The Westin KL failed. So tomorrow... Just wish me luck!

Before I end this post, here are some photos I took after my interview at The Westin KL.

The Living Room @ The Westin KL

Qba @ The Westin KL

Prego @ The Westin KL

Indian Kitchen @ Bangsar.

Something delicious and something nice @ Indian Kitchen
The owner was friendly too (:

Will update photos I've took since the last time I blogged, soon. Stay tune C:

P/S: Year end exam is coming... soon!!! 16th, 18th and 19th. Time to study, study and STUDY! All the best, my friends (:
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