Monday, June 30, 2008


Date: 26th of June 2008

Location: Room XXXX at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut Lumut Perak M'sia

Criminals: A bunch of uncivilized monkeys

Victims: Room guests & housekeepers

This was what happened:

When we opened the door, it was quite shocking to see this very horrible, terrible and vegetable scene ><>
First of all, they finished up all our instant noodles! Cracked egg shells were found on the floor and they even finish my Ligo Raisin ): And worst of all, they opened up the packet of SPAGHETTI! But they didn't eat it. SCREW YOU MONKEYS! At least if u eat it I won't feel that it's a waste. But since all your bacterias had infected our very precious Italian breakfast --- Spaghetti, we have to leave it there ):

Total disaster

They "EAT" coffee powder...


Is this where they make their way in?
They even eat my vegetarian maggi mee inside this room ><

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lumut aka Pangkor trip

24th June 2008

It's THE day.

Sonia asked me to get ready by 5am and she'll come pick me up then on the day before.So I woke up at 4.30, getting ready for Sonia to pick me up from my house. Mana tau, at 4.55, I text Jackie and asked him what time are they coming to my house. He replied "around 6 - 6.15" My goodness, and they didn't plan to inform me earlier? So I wouldn't be there sitting like an idiot waiting for them to come pick me up! It's early in the morning, my mood ain't that good you know. Argh.. fine.. skip that part.

Around 7 I guess? They came and so here we go. The traffic wasn't smooth. But we weren't going to Lumut, we're going to Diana's house. She said she forgotten to take the map and the cooking pot. O well, so we went to her house and they had their breakfast there too. So our journey started at around 9 or 10. While 5 of us(Cole, Diana, Jackie, Sonia and I ) are going by car, the other 3( Byron, Clem and Ivan) are going by bus.

So at lunch time, we dropped by at The Store to buy some groceries, such as milk, yogurt drink, eggs, bread and drinks. Not to forget, the butter! The Store was really THE STORE!didn't know they keep flies too! There were 4 in a row, all frozen to death.
Then, we we
nt across the bridge to Pizza Hut and had our lunch. The staffs there were so... bitchy! The service was lousy! Well, that was a small town, can't expect much from them. I guess they don't really understand English and do not know what and how are the services provided in the city. At the end Jackie and I finished the last 2 pieces tho we're full because we were scared that they might spit on our food if we asked them to "da bao", because they kinda "mm song" us la.

So we moved on...
Along the way, camera phone helps alot to kill the boredom =]


Cole & I



After all the asking for directions and turnings, we reached The Swiss Garden AT LAST. It took us around 4-5 hours to reach here.

The kitchen

The dining hall

The living room

Since Ivan, Clem and Byron are not here yet, we decided to go to the beach and have some fun!

Well, we ended up the day by drinking!

25th June 2008

Woke up in the morning, bla bla bla~ We were still thinking should we stay at Pangkor or should we not? So, what we did was, go with the flow. That's what they called the "spontaneous thinker"! Haha. It's one level higher than master thinker! So, we packed everything and here we go! It only costs us MYR10 for the 2-way feri ticket.
Byron + half of Jackie

While waiting, we shall pose (:

On the feri

Pangkor Island

Fishing village

So we stopped at somewhere near Teluk Nipah. It cost us MYR20 for a cab to get to Teluk Nipah. The taxi driver introduced us a few budget hotels, and finally we stopped at this inn called Horizon Inn(I think so). It's MYR120 per night for all 8 of us including extra mattress. The room is equipped with air-conditioner and attached bathroom with heater. They also provide towel and soap(which is so not nice to use) only. There's also a restaurant downstairs. They sell cheap seafood(not so fresh as I can see) and there's a burger stall outside too. Other than that, it's near the beach and water sports such as snorkeling is just within walking distance. Quite a convenient place to stay.
So later when we settled down our stuffs, we went to the beach. We went SNORKELING! It's only MYR15, including the life jacket and goggles with the tube for respiration =D . My very first time, and I shall do that again!

The abang fetched us to this small isle by motor boat. I knocked my ankle when getting down from the boat )': sakit tau! So we had fun looking at those little fishes and the corals. It was quite an experience. After that, while waiting for the boat to come fetch us back to the mainland again... we had some lil fun =] I mean they did, sang some patriotic songs and kids songs.

So after all the singing and sunbathing, we went back to the beach and did some stupid stuffs.Sunset: Group photo!

After that we bathed and had our dinner =]

And of course, we ended our day by drinking again! Haha.

26th June 2008

Pictures only (:

7 in the morning

Self obsessed!

Graffiti. Kids nowadays!

Call us posers :D

This ended our day in pangkor. We went back to Lumut, to our room... and something horrible happened... We all got shocked!!!

To be continued...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The day before THE day...

23rd June 2008

Things happen. Yes I know. Life has it's ups and downs. Yes I know.

Alot of bad things happened lately in my life. I don't wanna mention who and what, but the person itself should know la. But here are somethings I wouldn't wanna keep it to myself.

Supposingly, 2 people are coming over to my house to overnight. Then later on the 3rd person called and somehow asked something and somehow said they 2 are going to her house to sleep. "Owh okay, I'm fine with that."... But without informing me earlier? Can't they be more responsible?

WTH is wrong with that monkey? I'm kinda pissed off by her lately, for her
immature thinking and irresponsible attitude sometimes. It annoys me you know. Sigh~~~

There's a Chinese idiom saying:" 當局者迷,旁觀者清". It means that, a person in the situation is blur, but the others are clear about what's happening. Not sure is this relevant or not, but I'm just saying. I see changes in you. You're no longer the person I know in the beginning. You're turning into another person, which I personally don't like. Your this new friend, she's a really bad influence. She's immature and pampered, and you're stupid enough to go and "zhao"(Cantonese: Humour - something like obey/
to please someone by agreeing or doing as what they want) her. I know you don't befriend her because of her money. But I have no idea what are you thinking la(curiosity you said? Can't you see what is she doing to you? And you're still happy about it? I can't stand her IF she does that to me loh! But well, maybe you like it, or maybe just pretending, ONLY GOD KNOWS) . You said it's your life. So okay, live it your way then. I'm just so disappointed at you, my dear friend. I just wanna let you know that this is no more the you that I know. Maybe you're like this since God-knows-when but just that I don't know and I seriously don't like it. I prefer the old you, where I first met you. I think that you should guide her through her life if you're with her and not pamper her just like what everyone else are doing.

*I think I need to control myself more, control my bad temper! Gah!* This monkey's friend is really pissing me off by her very very very very selfish attitude! wtf la... You're rich, SO WHAT?! Don't mess up other's life la. You want everything to be like how you wanted it to be? LET ME TELL YOU! You're living in a world, that is faked by you and your money. You're gonna suffer hell alot later on when you grew up in your life. Kena pampered like queen, attitude also one-kind. I don't like your "that"-attitude, I think some others think so too lo~ My first impression of you was good, those fun to hang around, outgoing, happy-go-lucky type of girl. But I guess there are still some things I haven't seen in you, yet(when the moment I first met you) . But time tells almost everything. I'm starting to dislike you. And I think there are people other than me that dislike you too! So isn't it the time for you to change to a better person? Just like what I'm doing. And I'm pretty sure that your parents would be so touched/ glad that their daughter had become a much better person. DO TAKE MY ADVICE! *Can't help it tho*

My assumption: The monkey will get pissed/unhappy/hate me if she sees this I guess. And the whosoever will maybe deny it or maybe "hire" a bunch of people to come "talk" to me. But this is my life. I'll say what I want!

P/S: All this are just my thoughts and I'm kinda straightforward. This is what blogs are for, to write what you want to say! So if you don't like it, TOO BAD FOR YOU!

There's a wound in my heart; someone please help me )':

Monday, June 23, 2008



I'm gonna leave tomorrow, to Lumut, at 5am!! omB...

Hope all of us will enjoy our trip over there.

To the others, enjoy your life!

And, Happy Birthday to Ian, Wei Yen and Alvin!! =D

Appreciate your life, Don't waste your time (:

Festival Court Metrage de Taylor's 2008

It's been a while that I came here. I was too lazy to blog. I took all the pictures and wanted to post all in my blog but well, laziness came and stopped me from blogging. haha. And so, I'll start with the recent most happening event, the..

Festival Court Metrage de Taylor's 2008

This is all about showcasing the short films that we, the DH29, DC29 n CH? people have done! There were all 17 of us participating in this, producing 17 different short films, in our own ways =D It's a compulsory as it's our Moral Studies assignment. All we have to do is follow all the criteria stated and start to shoot our own films about HIV/AIDS.

After all the 17 films we watched, I can't deny, and no one can... Desperate Mouthwash was really a catch! It was almost like a really cool production from the DC students *Round of
applause* .And at the end, as expected, they won the best film award. Congrats!

I st
ole this picture from Friendster =X

There were a few awards given out.Best director, Best actor/actress, best poster and the merit award accompanying the BEST FILM. Our production house, named TLC Production House, won the merit award, which was really unexpected.

TLC Production House proudly presents you, An End To Loneliness!

Me, posing with THE Merit Award, with my lil bro!


Back to my story. As a group leader, ya, me... group leader. The making process was... difficult. There were arguments and misunderstandings. Some people do not know what is co-operations, they do not know what is team work, they do not know what is respect. It reached my limit where the other side of me showed up. They never seen me like that before, at least not in the past few months. Wouldn't wanna say it out here =] So yea, the making process were tough! Ideas kept coming n going. We tried to shoot like 395721740 times BUT at the end we decided to use the song-idea, which came to me... like 2 weeks before the submission day?

That day, when I was getting ready to college and I saw this CD on my desk. It's David's and because he knew that I'm a Buddhist, a kinda religious one so he borrowed me this " Cradles in Buddha's Arms" CD few months ago. So i decided to grab the CD and bring it along with me. Buddha blessed me! I played it with my laptop and waalaa~ I found this song --- The End To Loneliness. It was like 90% perfect for our film. So I asked a few of them, couldn't remember if they agreed or not. But since no ideas contributed and if yes, it wasn't acceptable, so I INSISTED on using this lyrics as a guide to our films, like making a music video out of that song using HIV as our theme. I think at first they didn't agreed but well, if a group leader says A, you don't say B! hahaha. just joking, I'm not that bad of course.

After all the taking videos and pictures, in just 2-3 days(you can see it because the main actor is wearing only 2 types of shirts, the purple one and the red one. haha. We came to an end product called: An End To Loneliness. You wanna watch it? *JUST SAY YES! aherm* It's up on the youtube.
Here's the link to our film. Hope you'll enjoy (:
And say it's nice! haha.

I can feel the success, no failures allowed

Term Break!

Wooo... guess what? The title says it all! End of assessments and term break has come to the rescue!! Haha.

After sitting for all the papers, I think I deserve some relaxations. You know, like some trips... to LUMUT! Yup, going to Lumut on the 24th =] But I'll be back on the 26th. IF...IF I'm not back on that day or the day after, or the day after that day after 26th, you know what to do. Start crying and pray for me, ok? Or maybe you could pray for me while I'm there so I could come back SAFE AND SOUND? I think the later is the better idea. I'm only 18... not yet... to be mention. I haven't even had my 18th birthday! SO GUYS, do me a favor, pray for me so I'll be back safely ok? =D * hugs*

Every life lies an end

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