Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh God... Bless me from the horror that will happen few hours later. I never like talking to strangers which is not connected to me at all and keep asking questions I do not like to answer. In short, it's called INTERVIEW! Yeeeee~ I AM NOT NERVOUS.

I'll be sitting train to
The Westin KL.So cool huh... KTM to monorail then walk. Am so gonna sweat...

some rules I need to remember during interview:
  • no bitting lips
  • no blinking too much
  • no playing with hair
  • no shaking legs
  • no errr-ing
Haha... It's only an interview. Chill (:
I am ice-chilled now. Going to bed soon. Will update soon (:

Friday, August 15, 2008

A visit to Beryl's

Today we had a visit to Beryl's Chocolate factory. It's in Seri Kembangan, I THINK. Ms. Ruth, Ms. Charmaine, Mr. Mayukh and his good friend(I don't know what's his name ma) and our very lovely Chef Ah Tan! :p

Group photo!!

The Bellmen - Sonia and Ah Tan

After taking pictures, we got up to the bus and off we go... to the Beryl's Chocolate Factory!
Here we are (:

This is a... cocoa plant?

Hehe~ Candid shot. Or maybe he's already posing XP

Then we went in to a mini theater to watch the process of making chocolate. From cocoa plant to cocoa powder to shaping to packaging and then you display and you wait for people to fall into your trap and spend lotsa money buying them and at last they will shit it out(O well, i skipped some parts and added some additional informations q: ).
This is the trap and I fell for it ):
My Rm50 sudah hilang kat dalam.

Kevin, Ashley, Sonia and Rachael

Me, Yee Sin and Nicole

On our way back

Their new product(I think) DURIAN CHOCOLATE
This product is blardy RM20.00(But I paid 9 and jackie paid 10)

What I've bought

So S-W-E-E-T~


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Term3 is coming to an end soon in about 1 month time. We'll then have our Year End Exam. Then after the very short term break, we'll be heading off to our choice of outlets and do our internship.
O gosh... I'm gonna suffer ):
God bless me!
The interview will be on this Saturday, 11am. I am nervous, I never like interviews. Who likes anyways?!?!

Yesterday LCS was on fire! One of the cars in the basement car park was somehow gone ke-ba-boom and then taadaa, no idea what exactly happened. Not sure got fire or not but... just read David's blog

Nicole was taking pictures...

Hehe (:

O well, bored ma..
It was kinda dark in the basement, flooded too.

Then I had dinner at L'Escoffier for Chinese cuisine with my darling Chooi Yin and the Ivan & Joanne(however you spell it).

Their menu

Sweet and sour fish as main course

My vegetarian fried rice. Thanks to James!! (:

The dessert. It was nice (:
pandan flavoured flour with coconut fillings(aka one of the nyonya kuih) with mix fruit plater and one small chocolate tart.. haha.

Today we had our lunch service. Manager was Kev, bartender was Russ. It was quite messy due to the missing VIPs from my table and Mr.Mayukh said:" Clear yr table and you'll help out Jackie(table beside me). Divide yr work among yourself."
"wow!" I was so happy o: "I'm gonna serve 1.5 people. Hehe." Of course, VIPs always come late. No idea why. Maybe late = special? XD
Service today was hell easy. Because my guests are seniors and so they always make my life easier by helping me do work and so I do less. Hehe (:
Anyways, the senior is kinda cute XD

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 08.08.08

I was at friend's house so couldn't post anything on 080808!!! :(
wooo~ wooo~~ Beijing Olympic had officially started last night!!! Cheers~ :D

SATURDAY!! but not as boring as the past saturdayssss~
O well, because I'm going off to 1U to watch movie later. 1U leh deh~ shall control my spending later!
will update my blog soon.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday = boring?

Woke up already, thinking "Saturday... Sigh..." Saturdays for me are like boring days that I'll be staying at home all day long doing nothing but sitting in front of the computer.

"Chin didn't reply me ><" I thought. Because she asked me to go out yum cha tomorrow, last night, which means she wanted to ask me out drink tea today. O well, nvm. Had a kiwi fruit for breakfast. I'm not on diet. Despite the fact that I don't really like how my fats look but if i lose weight I will be underweight. I just need more exercises, not diet.

Then was looking around after that. I found a glass chess set in the cabinet. "Wow... We have that? Fascinating... " I was like a
jacuun. Haha. So I took a few lot of pictures.

Then this John text me mou liew messages and also saying that he's getting a new ipod/ itouch in black because his mom can change it with her credit card points and plus some cash. Of course I will say" take apple green la, black is so common~" Haha. And then he chuan me saying got BR & michaelanglo(Heard of it but no idea what's that) over there and then later on he some more text me saying" Auntie, got lots of aviator sunnies and Ray Ban and it's cheap! Hehe" Damn you John! Making me jealous~
Continue taking pictures and used photoshop to edit here edit there.
Click to enlarge! Hehe.

Then moments later, John came online, saying he bought a new sunnies. Then let me view web cam. Well, in my opinion I think it's a bit weird. But he likes it, so yea... No comment =D

Then got a bit bored editing and then I saw Mister Potato. *eyes sparkle* So my lunch was potato chips while watching 铁甲无敌奖门人(Super Trio Supreme). Funny sial! XD Was laughing at the laptop whole time!

Then Rick asked go out yum cha. Ok, so I asked Danny too. Then Rick said Shao also coming. Aherm, didn't wanna be light bulb but, o well, Danny is going too~ and I haven't had anything but half a can of potato chips and a kiwi fruit XD Rick came and pick me up, together in the car was Shao, Dan and his bro. He dropped his bro at Pyramid; Danny at some art shop to buy some stuffs and we headed back to Subang area to have some mamak style tea and some food. Time for Tosai again! (:
Dan the poser! XD

Rick and Shao <3

Was browsing thru Rick's photos.

Got back home early because Dan still has assignments to rush.
Bored again... Had a Wall's mini Cornetto. It was... Ok Ok la. VERY SMALL! It's Chocolate and Tiramisu flavour, I think. But the cone was soft, not crunchy ):

Friday, August 01, 2008

H a p p y :D

Suppose to meet up with Kin and chin after my class today. CAN'T WAIT (:

Wore green shirt and my favourite black pants together with my new heels (: I am feeling TALL~

Reached college early and printed notes for F&B theory class. So hardworking me XD

"OMG, ASSESSMENT?!?!?!?!!!!!??? O.o"
Was ridiculously shocked when Mr. Patrick said assessment and passed papers around. He asked us to write a short essay according to the words given:

grape plant type vine still sparkling

(WOW! I remember XD so proud!)

Dammit! Couldn't remember a single thing from the previous class! IN DEEP SHIT LA! I wrote only 1 sentence:
Wine is a product made by alcoholic fermentation of grapes.
"Haha... He said 20 marks. So here goes my marks lo >< " I thought. Mana tau~ He said "I have both good news and bad news. Which one you wanna hear first? The bad news is this is not your assessment and the good news is your assessment may be anytime!" I was so R E L I E V E D! Thank goodness sial.. So meaning I shall start studying already! ):
Some more next week got kitchen assessment!
Class ended at 11 and I also finished my restaurant practical worksheet (:
Went down to 2nd floor and had some "fun" with Sonia and Ivan together with Bishy Bashy(however you spell it). It wasn't really fun because I was bullied by the sushi sashimi(Sonia).
Btw, with my new heels on, I am T-A-L-L-E-R than Sonia!! XD
Then later on Chin called saying that she reached already. Couldn't find her car >< was so faraway ma. The feeling when I see Kin and Chin --- H A P P Y !!! Love my girlfriends so much!
Chin drove us to pyramid. Went and queue up to buy movie tix - The Mummy III @ 5.10pm. What a
LONG queue! It took us almost half an hour to buy our tix. But it's worth it. After that, we went Kim Gary to have lunch and met up with TW too. The 3 of us wore GREEN! Such a coincidence! Had great chit chats among the 4 of us (:
TW is disgusted by poser Kin :PMe and Chin (;The food we ordered.

Then we went to Toast Box to yum cha cuz Chin said very noisy at Kim Gary. After paying, went Jusco to buy water. Desiree called me and we met up at Jusco. She was alone at Starbucks! After that, we went and sat and continue our chit chat at Toast Box. I ordered another thick toast(fattening sial ><).But it was nice! RM6.80 for 1 thick toast, 2 half-boiled egg and kopi/teh(Rm0.30 for cold beverage). So mine was RM7.80 after all the taxes. Gah..Malaysia! I am officially poor now! Wallet left back RM12.65 only! O.. because I paid for their movie tix. So gonna get back my RM60 bucks from them on Monday when I see them at coll! ><
Random photo ;pThe thick toast I ordered (: Butter with Kaya

After another round of chit chat, it's time for us to leave, for my beloved Brendan Fraser movie XD Kin went meet up with her bf, JW. And I also met up with Sashimi and the others. Then went in to the cinema. So the banyak advertisements!
"Wooooo~ start already. " finally... " Eh, Jet Li! Jay's idol" I told Chin. The Jonathan(John Hannah) guy is so FUNNY! He's Rick(Brendan Fraser)'s someone la, forgot already. The movie was OK, but well, the mummies wasn't really mummies but the million-mummies army for the long-dead evil Emperor Han. Jet Li's handsome, Brendan's so cute, John's funny (:
Chin n I went back straight after the movie. Kin and JW went pak tor makan dinner. We bid farewell to each other.

What a nice day spent with my
good girlfriends (:


Chatted with Su Lian just now. Felt sad for her. She's going to the hospital tomorrow again! But at the same time, I think that she's one strong girl, after what she have been through. Will treasure our friendship forever my dear (: Love you <3

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