Friday, August 15, 2008

A visit to Beryl's

Today we had a visit to Beryl's Chocolate factory. It's in Seri Kembangan, I THINK. Ms. Ruth, Ms. Charmaine, Mr. Mayukh and his good friend(I don't know what's his name ma) and our very lovely Chef Ah Tan! :p

Group photo!!

The Bellmen - Sonia and Ah Tan

After taking pictures, we got up to the bus and off we go... to the Beryl's Chocolate Factory!
Here we are (:

This is a... cocoa plant?

Hehe~ Candid shot. Or maybe he's already posing XP

Then we went in to a mini theater to watch the process of making chocolate. From cocoa plant to cocoa powder to shaping to packaging and then you display and you wait for people to fall into your trap and spend lotsa money buying them and at last they will shit it out(O well, i skipped some parts and added some additional informations q: ).
This is the trap and I fell for it ):
My Rm50 sudah hilang kat dalam.

Kevin, Ashley, Sonia and Rachael

Me, Yee Sin and Nicole

On our way back

Their new product(I think) DURIAN CHOCOLATE
This product is blardy RM20.00(But I paid 9 and jackie paid 10)

What I've bought

So S-W-E-E-T~



top stock picks said...

very cool.

Munak991 said...

Lol.... Waste Time only...
Ow So sweet the last photo ><

meimei said... enjoying with your coarse ar!!!!and with your friend tooooo...happy to see tat u are so enjoying!!!happy friendship for u

hihihi...:)but u are the most leng lui .lol!!

meimei said...

luckily the giri is not u...
i mean the kissing 1.... hahaha>.< if not i will cemburu de ar....

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