Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saturday = boring?

Woke up already, thinking "Saturday... Sigh..." Saturdays for me are like boring days that I'll be staying at home all day long doing nothing but sitting in front of the computer.

"Chin didn't reply me ><" I thought. Because she asked me to go out yum cha tomorrow, last night, which means she wanted to ask me out drink tea today. O well, nvm. Had a kiwi fruit for breakfast. I'm not on diet. Despite the fact that I don't really like how my fats look but if i lose weight I will be underweight. I just need more exercises, not diet.

Then was looking around after that. I found a glass chess set in the cabinet. "Wow... We have that? Fascinating... " I was like a
jacuun. Haha. So I took a few lot of pictures.

Then this John text me mou liew messages and also saying that he's getting a new ipod/ itouch in black because his mom can change it with her credit card points and plus some cash. Of course I will say" take apple green la, black is so common~" Haha. And then he chuan me saying got BR & michaelanglo(Heard of it but no idea what's that) over there and then later on he some more text me saying" Auntie, got lots of aviator sunnies and Ray Ban and it's cheap! Hehe" Damn you John! Making me jealous~
Continue taking pictures and used photoshop to edit here edit there.
Click to enlarge! Hehe.

Then moments later, John came online, saying he bought a new sunnies. Then let me view web cam. Well, in my opinion I think it's a bit weird. But he likes it, so yea... No comment =D

Then got a bit bored editing and then I saw Mister Potato. *eyes sparkle* So my lunch was potato chips while watching 铁甲无敌奖门人(Super Trio Supreme). Funny sial! XD Was laughing at the laptop whole time!

Then Rick asked go out yum cha. Ok, so I asked Danny too. Then Rick said Shao also coming. Aherm, didn't wanna be light bulb but, o well, Danny is going too~ and I haven't had anything but half a can of potato chips and a kiwi fruit XD Rick came and pick me up, together in the car was Shao, Dan and his bro. He dropped his bro at Pyramid; Danny at some art shop to buy some stuffs and we headed back to Subang area to have some mamak style tea and some food. Time for Tosai again! (:
Dan the poser! XD

Rick and Shao <3

Was browsing thru Rick's photos.

Got back home early because Dan still has assignments to rush.
Bored again... Had a Wall's mini Cornetto. It was... Ok Ok la. VERY SMALL! It's Chocolate and Tiramisu flavour, I think. But the cone was soft, not crunchy ):

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meimei said...

your saturday not bore lo...i just a bit different from u only...

coz i am not in front of the computer but television...
lol.i can suggest tat u cdan spend your time sleeping!!!wat a good suggestion>o<....this is always wat i do...hahaha

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