Saturday, October 25, 2008


Weeks have passed,
and I'm feeling dead.
I miss hanging out
with all my friends.
movies and cheong k,
Tuesdays are my off days.

I dislike internship... at least not in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. I DO NOT want to stay in pastry kitchen before I change to F&B! I wanna learn how to cook fried rice ker, keuy teow ker... apa-apa except cakes. And last night was interesting because I became a translator for some tourists from China that don't know English. I felt so proud that I was from chinese school and that I learnt mandarin. I used to love writing chinese essays. * proud * Hehe.

O, and my result ain't good. Just... sucks much ): Guess I needa be more hardworking. But setting my ass down studying is really not my type of doing. Whatever it is, gambatte! I will TRY my best.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Not selected

I'm staying in-house. I'm not going to Terengganu already. It's gonna cost me a cert and outdoor catering-in the kitchen experience. Missed the chance to go faraway from home.
But look at the positive side, no need to wash clothes myself, no need to pack, could still meet up with friends here,can come online and not getting homesick! Hey, I'll get chances to switch to different sections and I'm going to FNB soon! (: haha. I'm such an optimist! XD

O well, my back still hurts and my chest hurts too. Couldn't sleep well these 2 days.
Yesterday was making cookies balls to be bake. So damn boring. Whole day rubbing the dough into small balls to be bake only.

Wish my day would be better as time goes by. Same to you all too (:

Sometimes, it's nice to be alone.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Duh,, Sakit

Back started to ache since 5 something. Chef saw me and asked, then he let me go early. How nice. But the thing is they don't have anything else to do also. Haha.
O well, ate panadol extend. Hope it'll get well soon.

This few days of work were easy job, not much customers, so kinda boring. But it's ok la. Just that kena marah 2 times there by the same person >< Somore the 2nd time I kena marah, kena insulted by the old lady and that I did not do wrong but she thought I did wrong but when she found out that I did not do wrong she said:" I marah dia nak ajar dia aje." Wasei. Nvm... Peace (:

I had my off day yesterday. Went out Cheong K with Yang, Twe and CX. Had fun singing (: Then met up with Danny to have dinner together.

Not sure whether I'm going Terengganu or not.It's the chef's decision and if I could handle it or not. Hope I can go la.

That's all. Gonna update about my Langkawi trip soon I guess,

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It had been quite some time that I came back from my trip to Langkawi. Took some nice scenery photos that I want to share but doesn't have the time to really write out the blog post.

This is so tiring!! WORKING, WORKING AND WORKING! Even on public holidays. Isn't this sad?! Oh God >< ARGH! Concorde is full of malays. I'm not being racist but there's this one guy, ISH! He racist me leh! Bengang betul!
Concorde is so empty but they still producing so much food. It's not to say that it's nice or it's some signature dish. What for? They throw it away after their operation hours.
I don't mind working there but at least put some leng zais to let me feel like going to work everyday? Hehe.
I'm not asking or complaining too much, ain't I? (:

O, and I'm working at this section called "Premier Lounge".

The action counter. Eggs of your preference will be served.

The buffet counter.

The bar.

The eating place la!

Basically, it's like a chill out place where they only serve breakfast from 6am-11am and cocktail at 6pm-8pm. It's only open for VIP. No people one. Super boring to work there. But these two days, I'm helping out at pastry kitchen.

Today, I was asked to clean the chiller. Waasei.. fungus dah tumbuh. Kini baru nak clean? fuish... Not fungus in the chiller, the machine thingy but it's inside those food. Geli sial! Then nothing much happened. I cut lamb. I scooped ice creams. I made perfect cotton candy from the cotton candy making machine, compared to Henry and the other malay staff XD , tho it's for the first time. I'm talented. Haha.

O o o... I'm leaving to Terengganu next Thursday if they're not changing the date. It's for this event:

FEI WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP and our beloved Sultan(I think) will be participating also. It is said that this is the first time that a Malaysian is participating in this event.
Its gonna be hectic since racers and horses from all over the world are coming and we have to serve for around 3500 pax. Oh God, please give me strength and bless me throughout this one month!

Alright, that's all for today.

Anyone wanna watch Mama Mia and Kami next Tuesday? It's my OFFDAY leh!

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