Sunday, September 28, 2008



At KL central's McD.
McShaker was nice but it gave us some really dry-tongue feeling after eating it.
I don't like the feeling, neither does my sis.
So not gonna eat again.

Was outside Mei Keat's house, under the streetlight chit-chatting.
It was a full moon.

Had some hard time getting into sleep. Woke up quite early the other day.

Getting ready.
Credit goes to my sister, for the beautiful picture she took that makes me look so good, even better than how I look in real life.
My sister aka Hebe =/

At last, the bride's ready! (:
together with the bride's mate, the 3rd sister.

A photo of me and my beloved sister (;

Pei Yun and I

Grace and I

The groom is here. The "ji muis" all are gonna play prank on the groom. It's the tradition, can't blame us! Haha.
Some burger from McD with extra blueberry jam, salt & pepper.

After all the pranks, or shall we call it procedure, finally the groom is allowed to see the bride.


Off they go to the groom's place.

Waiting to 敬茶.

Their new wed bed.

Mei Keat, the 2nd sister of the bride.

新郎, Kevin & 新娘, Peggy.

The sisters of Peggy.

Group photo! pose babe~

When she received our gift. It's a... chewing gum container!
...with RM99.90 inside (:
Wishing them 婚姻圆满, 长长久久, 幸福快乐!

After a long tiring day, we hid in the room and had some chats n nap.
After that, have to be prepared for the wedding dinner. A simple one.

Ee, Yun, Wey, Peggy n Grace.

By the pool at the groom's place.

A lil boy we saw during the wedding dinner.
He was holding the gun and "shooting" people around him, smiling!
Super adorable man!! Haha!!

After the wedding, I dropped by at Taylor's college to "celebrate" mooncake festival with Cole, Sonia, Russ, Clem, Andrew and Wing for awhile. It's just basically going there and play candles and tanglung. Had some chit chats.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm leaving in half an hour time (;

Listen to the sound of the waves;
sunbathe in the morning;
frolicking in the sea;
stargazing at night;
with duty free chocolates and liquor
And of course, perfected with my friends.

My to-do-list when I'm in Langkawi (:

Will be back on Saturday evening.
Anyone can offer me a ride back home from LCCT? Haha ;p

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Being accused of someone that you're not or something that you've not been doing is not a good feeling. It's not just "can't you take a joke" so simple, okay?
Told you to stop but you still continued with it. What's your problem o? I told you I don't like it but you didn't listen. I admit I'm a bit pissed but I'll be alright the next day. Not blaming you for anything but hope there's no more next time.
Alright, I would forgive you if you buy me the Nike shoe la. You offered me that, I didn't ask for it. And you also said that you will not smoke tomorrow for the whole entire day if I stop being mad at you.

Read someone's blog and saw this. The Ultimate Prom Nite is an event organised by 8TV for... I don't know? Publicity or making someone famous? They have really funny photos inside =X No offense but some looks really fugly... The one I dislike the most is Reuben Deva with his chest hair bared! But that doesn't mean that I like the others, maybe some but mostly not.

* Oops, photos are in my laptop. Very lazy want transfer to this computer without bluetooth. Next time I'll post up lotsa pictures (: *

Don't hide your emotions. Control.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's finished! (:

The paper was tough! I think it's because I used only 2 days a few hours to study the whole 3 terms' thick of notes comprising F&B, RD, Culinary together with this term's wine studies and PCC and term 2's food science & hygiene? O well, what could I say? Still that word... Lazy ma, some more Moonlight Resonance is really darn super duper nice! You all should also watch it! But not during exam week, do not learn from me XD

Wanna continue watching shows, adieus(that's how Ah Sa in the moonlight resonance say bye in portuguese) !

p/s: Next up will be the wedding I attended on 八月十五,中秋节.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exam week.

First subject is down! 2 more to go.

The paper, management tools & techniques or management techniques & tools, either one, was kinda easy, easier than what I thought it would be that's why I said it's easy. It's not actually that easy for some people who thinks that's is not easy. Actually I didn't expect the paper to be that hard also. You know, 'cause we paid them and the lecturers did mention " we won't try to fail you wan, no worries"

The paper consists of the combination of 4 subjects. First you have accounts, then you'll have business math and statistics. And I friggin' hate the last part 'cause I friggin cannot do, which is plant and premises where you talk about ventilation. Need to memorize 1 lor! Benci sangat!

I'll be having my England English this coming Thursday. So not gonna study. Flunk it or what, I do not care! I said, I DO NOT CARE! And Fridaaaaaaaaay, we'll be having the hospitality operations paper! The most important one. The most to study. The most... C-A-N-N-O-T fail one!
And this hospitality operations paper would draw a full stop for our term3. And we'll all have our very short short short 1 week break before going to our respective internship place.

Till then, ADIOS!

p/s: Later at 0800am will be Su Lian's cremation ceremony. Friends and I are going. Miss you much, SL!
p/p/s: Will be updating soon about my friend's wedding. Lotsa pictures! (:
Miserable, is what I felt.
Vulnerable, is what I am.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Always in memory of you

This entry is specially for you, Su...
Tho we only know each other for less than 2 years,
but we've spent lots of time together.

It's our faith that we got to know each other.
And I really appreciate this friendship between you and me.

This beautiful and strong lady had left us on Monday, September 15th 2008, 0200am.
Life is hard to predict.
You won't even know where is your end.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updates( September) :



Had our F&B practical assessment. I was kinda nervous tho ><
Grilled vegetables kebabs as starter.
Confit de Canard as the main course.
Then after our english class, hanged out at the courtyard. And I got this free hamper. Darlie's new product - 8 "14 days All- Around whitening" toothpastes and 3 toothbrushes (:


My vegetarian pasta with Sonia's and Cole's unwanted carrots and green peas.

leftover raspberry sauce after dessert

It was our housekeeping assessment. I did turn down service.
Coincidently, it's ms.Ruth's birthday too!

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