Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovin' cooking.

Lately I'm so into cooking, at home. I fried rice, twice, made Carbonara Fettuccine 3 times, and baked cheese cake, (that looks more like a tart) and made 奶油鲍鱼菇(butter-oyster mushroom), both with my sister.

The first and second time were kind of a failure because my sister cooked and failed. So I cooked again. It was better but... still not good. Not creamy(too lil whipping cream), too much cheese(my sister la!). Other than that, I loved the pepper taste. Nyam nyam (:
The third time wasn't that bad. At least still got sauce. And I loved the oyster mushroom. But I forgot to season till last minute! Haha.

Taadaa... A cheese cake that looks like a tart! It's like so super flat lo! Haha. Too lil cheese and the mould is too big. Hehe.
At first my sister failed to make the shortcrust dough, lack of taste, too dry. Hehe. So we decided to used breadcrumbs as the base instead of shortcrust. We grind the baked shortcrust and add in some melted butter and tadaa, our cheese cake base (: We're brilliant! It tastes better than the shortcrust.
Btw, this is for my sister's bf's birthday cake/ tart(That explains the shape, which I suggested)... half of it la of course. I no need to eat meh?

Is red christmas this year's theme? Pyramid is full of red decors for Xmas. Kind of weird looking at the red Xmas tree. Looks like... some pine tree covered with fresh blood ><

Parents are out ;p Going out with my sister tomorrow. She's treating me lunch at Sushi Zanmai! And we're gonna watch Igor (: Sisterly love rox! XD

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Bang!

Big Bang(빅뱅) is a Korean hip hop & R&B group composed of five members. G-Dragon, Dae Sung, Seung Ri, Tae Yang and TOP, each contributing different vocal or rapping parts. When they first debuted, they were considered to be the new face of the YG Family, a pet name for their managment company YG Entertainment. Although their debut was somewhat successful, it was not until the release of "거짓말" ("Lies") (click to view MV) that the group had great success. Big Bang have been noted for their music as well as their taste in fashion, becoming famous throughout the country in the process.

G.Dragon - rapper, leader

Tae Yang (태양) - vocals

T.O.P - rapper

Dae Sung (대성) - vocals

Seung Ri (승리) - vocals

Their age range from 18 to 21. Very young indeed.
Raps and vocals. Their songs are super smooth.The beat, the tempo, I just simply love 'em! I heart R&B.
Their songs make my body moves(I'm suppose to be sleeping now due to the effect of the med I just took. The med just makes you feel drowsy and in just a few min you'll doze off but their music is keeping me alive! Yeah baby!).It makes you wanna jump and just dance with the beat(I don't know how to dance yo~).
Hope you'll love their music too!


Oh my goodness... My left eye were swollen all of a sudden this afternoon when I finish eating my Roti Canai while watching TV.

My left upper lip has a very irritating pimple there. It's painful! ><

Just like what happened when I was in Awana some time ago. That lasted for at least 2 days! I was so scared that this time will be the same. I couldn't do much but to let my body rest after the long tiring work day. When I woke up, I thought I was alright because I don't feel the swolleness as just now. When I looked into the mirror. "!!!???!?!?!" Both my eyes are swollen(just like last time also). But it's much more smaller compared to just now. Took my shower and dinner and now my eyes are back to normal! Thank God! Haha.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Was having a chat with Yang last night. We used the handwriting tool to chat. It was so fun! and tiring...
These are what I drew. Please forgive me, I don't know how to draw.

Suddenly very emo. haha.

Like a knife by 2ndhand serenade. Emo!

Guess who's that? I bet you can't guess. It's Jay Chou XD

My mom were watching TV and I saw someone in the show sketching a baby so I tried. Yang said it looks like some hantu without body d:

Friday, November 14, 2008

The beach and the sun (:

I came back from my Langkawi trip on the 27th Sept(Yes, 1 and a half month ago). Was too lazy and there's problem uploading pictures here. I got so fed up so it's dragged till now d:

So here it is. Hope you'll enjoy seeing the pictures (:

25th September 2008
On the plane with Cole, Sonia and Russell.

Up up and above!

Safely departed.

Aherm.. Cole.. please tahan abit. I know he's hot.

No. this is not where we stayed. It's just the view from our room, a treehouse which costs more, sadly ):

My advanced birthday prezzie from Sonia!! Thank you, bii (:
You're soooo sweet! and of course thanks to Cole that wrapped the prezzie...NOT! hehe.

26th September 2008

The morning view from mamak stall we went for dinner and breakfast... and supper.
It's just too far to walk for lunch. Under the hot scorching sun? Siao. But it's like our place to have our breakfast, dinner and supper. As long as we do not need to walk under the blazing sun with killing UV rays which will cause us skin cancer.

But sunbathing is another story lor. Sunbathing in the morning provides you vitamin D(right?) It also gives you nice tan colour(Only if you apply sufficient amount of sunblock, with low UV protection of course and tanning lotion, which I forgot to bring, both). I went sunbathing this morning with Cole, which she just stayed there for few seconds and went under the shades. I got myself darker a lil bit. Then when it's 12, Went frolicking with Cole in the sea. Haha. Funny stories happened (:

The beautiful scene of the beach where we were staying

Dead jellyfish...

Dead crab...

Another Dead jell.......
O wait... she's still breathing!!!
Superwoman,I mean Rescue team come to the rescue! XD

We all did benteng for her.
So we could make the water stays and so she wouldn't dry up.
Poor thing ): you must have suffered.

It feels like..... JELLY! hehe..

Sonia didn't dare to touch it.

Let put a smile on that face... I mean... body...
A random guy that joined us to put a smile on that poor thing.
He's from Morocco.. I think (:

No, she wasn't dead yet.
Yes, I know she's a jellyfish not a squid.

Sunset sunset!! Woohoo~ Can't wait~

While waiting, had some drinks (:
Russell's Margarita and my Pina Colada.

Sun is setting!
O no!! Why so banyak clouds?!?!
Hey! You guys are blocking the almighty sun!

Got to know Terence and his friends when they were playing frisbee and accidentally hit my foot. He came and apologize, then he started talking to Russell and guess what? He's a friend of our classmate named Chester. 3 of them are from Sabah. What a coincidence eh?

Faith is what I called it (:

Pelican - Vodka Orange with only 4% alcohol.
Tastes exactly like... orange juice with some tingy feeling.

These were part of what we they had.

27th September 2008

We had some drinks together that early morning/midnight at our place, Malibest, under the treehouse. And Terence thought us how to play frisbee. But I can barely stand due to body aches. And so after a few more drinks I went back to the room and slept for awhile with Cole.

After that Terence took us to Awana Porto Malai to see sun rise.

Some emo pictures taken by Russell.

Terence and his friend. Another one went back to their room.

Here are a few photos taken by Terence using his nice nice canggih Camera:

I made up a story with them. XD (Fiction)


Once upon a time, there was this young beautiful lady named Ee. She hearts beach that she goes to the beach whenever she's free. Therefore attracted a lot of admirers.

Russell: Please, I beg you... Will you marry me
Ee: No way! Hmph *Turn away*

Russell: C'mon la... I look so Handsome and yeng.

Ee: *Turn away again* *vomit*

Russell: Fine... *Emo-ing*

Ee: Poor Russell... *walk away*

Ee: *Sigh* Eh, guess what?
Cole: You turned down another guy again?
Ee: Yea, how you know?
Cole: I know la.
Ee: Seriously, how you know?
Cole: I know la.
Ee: Wei, really leh... Faster tell me how you know la.
Cole: Ok la. Because everytime you also sigh and "eh guess what" me after turning down a guy.
Ee: Do I?
Cole: Ya...
Ee: Really?
Cole: Ya...
Ee: Why so many guys aftering me *Perasan to the MAX!*
Cole: Because you pretty la.
Ee: Ya meh?
Cole: Ya...
Ee: Really?
Cole: *look into Ee's eyes* REALLY!
*Pointless conversation goes on and on and on...*(Always happen between us)
Haha... Such nice photos... Turned to something so pointless XD
Everything I created with these few pictures are based on my imagination. Only the red coloured texts are true.

Got back to Malibest and started packing MY stuffs since I'm the only one leaving Langkawi. From the airport to the other airport. ):

Sonia sleeping soundly with her handphone and FAGS so she can dream smoking. Haha XD

I know, I look ugly... and abit chubby...

Cole was SHY...?

O well, I bet he wasn't...

时间过得真快,又是时候说BYE BYE! ):

I look dark don't you think? Haha. And dead... =X

I got the Symphony Chocolate Music Box(Tiramisu flavour) from Russell; the Monkey toy and the Durian flavoured chocolate from Cole; the Nike shoe from Sonia.

Thanks guys(Sonia and Cole) and girl(Russell) (:

That's all I wanna share about my trip to Langkawi. Hope Squidward is still swimming happily in the ocean. But I doubt since some of her tenticles was torn. D=

Wish to go Pulau Redang next time!

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