Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovin' cooking.

Lately I'm so into cooking, at home. I fried rice, twice, made Carbonara Fettuccine 3 times, and baked cheese cake, (that looks more like a tart) and made 奶油鲍鱼菇(butter-oyster mushroom), both with my sister.

The first and second time were kind of a failure because my sister cooked and failed. So I cooked again. It was better but... still not good. Not creamy(too lil whipping cream), too much cheese(my sister la!). Other than that, I loved the pepper taste. Nyam nyam (:
The third time wasn't that bad. At least still got sauce. And I loved the oyster mushroom. But I forgot to season till last minute! Haha.

Taadaa... A cheese cake that looks like a tart! It's like so super flat lo! Haha. Too lil cheese and the mould is too big. Hehe.
At first my sister failed to make the shortcrust dough, lack of taste, too dry. Hehe. So we decided to used breadcrumbs as the base instead of shortcrust. We grind the baked shortcrust and add in some melted butter and tadaa, our cheese cake base (: We're brilliant! It tastes better than the shortcrust.
Btw, this is for my sister's bf's birthday cake/ tart(That explains the shape, which I suggested)... half of it la of course. I no need to eat meh?

Is red christmas this year's theme? Pyramid is full of red decors for Xmas. Kind of weird looking at the red Xmas tree. Looks like... some pine tree covered with fresh blood ><

Parents are out ;p Going out with my sister tomorrow. She's treating me lunch at Sushi Zanmai! And we're gonna watch Igor (: Sisterly love rox! XD

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