Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's been awhile...

That I've post an entry.

The Langkawi post is still in progress. Maybe I shall go and post it after this post. It's like 80% done. haha.

Life in Concorde's kinda getting better. I'm getting used to the Malay people and the tiger. She is kinda nice to everyone now, surprisingly.

This coming passage is what I HATE MOST about my work there:
THERE'S THIS STEWARD GUY NAMED TIGER KEEP BUGGING ME! HE'S SO GOD DAMN ANNOYING. CAN'T HE UNDERSTAND WHAT'S THE MEANING OF"TAK BOLEH"?!?!?! He keep asking " nak berkenalan boleh?" " Nak mintak telefon nombor" "apa nama awak?" TAK BOLEH!TAK BOLEH!TAK BOLEH!!! Grrr! And I plan to report him if he still keep mentally abusing my mind and harassing me. I will not have any mercy. OK, fine, I'll warn you first before I decide to go and report you. But please stop doing the kissing-mouth-shape like you wanna kiss me ok? He also did the same thing to the others. NO WAY I'M GONNA KISS YOU, NEITHER DO OTHERS. SO STOP IT! There's this one time where I needed to go to the steward office to take some plates and there he is, inside the rooms with others stewards too. But when I went in, they all went out and when I turned back I saw only Tiger was there, reading something on the table, with the door closed! My heart paused for awhile, I swear. I quickly grab the plate and walked towards the door. He came forward and again he asked for my phone number. I reached the door knob and pulled open the door with the fastest speed. He lay his hand on the door as if he don't wanna let me open the door. I looked at him and shake my head with a smile(see how nice I am). I faster slip through the opened gap and went back to my department.SCARY! And guess what? Today he pulled Eric's hand because he saw me walking with him and I guess he wanted to ask Eric for my details. Eric was pissed and swinged his hand off. Haha.Cockstare him!

Meanwhile, the best day would be... The guests loved my bread butter pudding! Haha. I think la. Because I made 20 bowls and 17 was finished in 3 hours. Hehe XD So proud *clap clap*

Alarr.. I miss hanging out! Really...

OOO~~ and I worked part time last Friday! I went to Pyramid with my sister after my work from 7am-3pm. Then worked from 7somethingto 1.30am. Reached home around 3am. And start work at 3pm. Tiring but it kept me busy. Love it (:

The party was a Halloween clubbing-party organised by Southern Comfort(Southern Comfort is a fruit, spice and whiskey flavored liqueur, aka Bourbon according to the bartender ). DJ Joey G was there. He's awesome (: But I was working, walked pass the dance floor. The task given was easy, did some collecting of coupons and talked to people, posed for the camera. That's all. What's hard is wearing the heels walking around! OMFG!Couldn't walk properly after the party's over.

At Pyramid's toilet.

The dance floor

Inside the toilet

Posing for the camera, say "SOUTHERN COMFORT" (:

Aherm... Some random picture I took cuz of the photographer's pose. Haha.

I can't seem to have my Internet connection going. WHY?!?! I will update the upload-failed-photos next time.


Camwhore! Debra and I (:
This following picture is taken on the 22nd of Oct 2008; 11:55pm.

DISGUSTING MUCH!! That night I went down to open the gate for my sister and I saw this in the middle of the living room. "WTH is this disgusting lil creature's tail doing here?! did it get chased by rats? or caught in a fight with another lizard for another lizard?" When my sister came in with all her files in her hand, I tried to warn her but she just kept walking and walking in a fast pace to get something for her boyfriend that is waiting outside.And guess what? YES! She stepped on it! And of course, she jumped and shouted. OMFG... That reminds me of the feeling of me dragging the baby lizard for 1 or 2 seconds under my feet *unintentionally ok?!* FYI, I hate lizards. They look disgusting!

Random photo taken on the 2nd of Nov 2008; 12:42pm
A picture of me and Mei Keat from my sunday dharma class. My best friend over there (: LOVE HER CRAZINESS MUCH!


ťŘåĊ¥ said...

eeee.... apa tu???:S

i went clubbing xD
bar celona
on 30th oct xD

Anonymous said...

"tiger" really got some nerves.... u knw, wat he did is called sexual harassment in the real world... i'll report him if i were u

¨¸˙˚‡♀ €£°νëŖ™♂ ‡˚˙¸¨ said...

Ape ape? Lizard's tail? haha. disgusting much.

Bar celona is quite a happening club. Had fun ya u? (:

¨¸˙˚‡♀ €£°νëŖ™♂ ‡˚˙¸¨ said...

to lloyd:

He don't dare to look at me now. So I guess it's ok.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! TIGER RULEZ!!! Dam...ya place muz b lack of leng lui tat he TERPAKSA go afta u la..jk jk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! freakin farnee wei...HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA!

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