Saturday, October 25, 2008


Weeks have passed,
and I'm feeling dead.
I miss hanging out
with all my friends.
movies and cheong k,
Tuesdays are my off days.

I dislike internship... at least not in Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. I DO NOT want to stay in pastry kitchen before I change to F&B! I wanna learn how to cook fried rice ker, keuy teow ker... apa-apa except cakes. And last night was interesting because I became a translator for some tourists from China that don't know English. I felt so proud that I was from chinese school and that I learnt mandarin. I used to love writing chinese essays. * proud * Hehe.

O, and my result ain't good. Just... sucks much ): Guess I needa be more hardworking. But setting my ass down studying is really not my type of doing. Whatever it is, gambatte! I will TRY my best.


hekki said...

any replacement for depavali? lol

¨¸˙˚‡♀ €£°νëŖ™♂ ‡˚˙¸¨ said...

not that i know. We x have public holidays! T.T

hekki said...

but they shud give replacement for holidayyy ><

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