Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Castrol Penang Roadshow!

7th July 2011

Safely landed on Penang :D Went to this famous char kuey teow that costs RM7(non-egg), RM7.50(with egg) and RM9.50(big). BUT IT TASTED THE SAME AS THE NORMAL ONES! OMG... felt so conned! anyways, the o jian is quite nice :D Thanks David for the ride and treat for this meal!

Checked in to The Gurney Resort Hotel :D decent hotel!

with jacuzzi!!!!!

Soaking our exhausted sexy legs ;p
10th July 2011

me, Shirly and E-shynn (trying to act sexy hahaha failed !)

Ginny, Shirly, E-shynn, Chui San, Winnie et moi!

11th July 2011

Before we took off, went dim sum at 点心之家 @ Anson Road.
RM30 ++ for ALL this!!! more than enough for 4pax

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