Saturday, February 09, 2008

Eyelids are heavy.But i don't wanna sleep yet.Cuz wanna sleep in the car tomorrow XD wierd reason huh?well,I'm going back to melaka tomorrow.and i got motion sickness.Hopefully I'll sleep throughout the whole journey.Then i won't suffer from the stupid noxious feeling~!!!haha.

Just now went "bai nian" with my templemates..around 13 of us =D It was FUN!we went to chin pin's house,then keng hoi's new house,then my house,then you qi's house,then chun liang's house.Collected some ang paos.Pity their parents.haha.Us kids are so happy to receive ang paos.But their parents have to give away Ang paos.

The funny part was When going to my house to "bai nian".My sis n i got lost..and the others reached my home first when we're still lost in the middle of nowhere! malu wei..but kesian Chin Pin.Sorry yea!wasted yr petrol!!haha.Somore he belanja us lunch leh~So good hor.haha.

Watched CJ7 on the 8th,with my family.It was quite fun =D to spend time with family like that.Hope this would happen again!haha.About the movie,storyline...not bad;Lil monster...quite cute;Lil boy..quite funny..;Stephen Chow...quite old...hahahaha..So,overall,it's average.It's not as good as what i think it would be.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Chinese New Year!

Hey,Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

It's my first time celebrating CNY here at Klang Valley.Well,there r some differences in celebrating here n at my dad's kg.The atmosphere isn't the same.Cuz for me,celebrating CNY should be feel..haha..This year's CNY is prefe going back to Perak to celebrate =[ Tho i love to stay here.But once in a while still have to go back ma,right?!

Oh my Buddha,my dad said wanna go watch movie wei!!!!darn surprise.But i do love it =D
it's the FIRST TIME my whole family is going to catch a movie at the cinema leh!!!We're going to watch CJ7 =] Then i'm going to watch KFD with my friends next week =D I CAN'T WAIT!I LOVE JAY CHOU!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

CNY is coming

hey guys!chinese new year is coming~so what's ya plans?

Well,I'm not going back to Kampar this year.But I'm going back to Melaka(my mom's hometown) next Sunday.I was hoping to go back this year cuz 3 of my friends's kg is there too!haih..but one of 'em,who is SULIAN!Last year we planned to go out together when we go back kampar this year and we could go out together if anyone of us got licence!But too bad..she's still sick and I'm not going back.How sad!Hope she'll get well soon =] then we could go places together again!with shao,yeng n curry..and all our friends..

CNY...I haven't bought any new shirts!oh gosh!how can this happen!!!!!Well,actually I'm the problem..I'm too choosy ;p Hope to find something special and nice.But u know, things don't usually happen the way you want it to be. Maybe for you,but not for me =[ Okay,wish me luck when i go shopping next time! Haha..

Okay,wish all of you guys out there a very merry Chinese New Year!Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Hope we'll get a lot of ang paos! Hahaha~

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