Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's Chinese New Year!

Hey,Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

It's my first time celebrating CNY here at Klang Valley.Well,there r some differences in celebrating here n at my dad's kg.The atmosphere isn't the same.Cuz for me,celebrating CNY should be feel..haha..This year's CNY is prefe going back to Perak to celebrate =[ Tho i love to stay here.But once in a while still have to go back ma,right?!

Oh my Buddha,my dad said wanna go watch movie wei!!!!darn surprise.But i do love it =D
it's the FIRST TIME my whole family is going to catch a movie at the cinema leh!!!We're going to watch CJ7 =] Then i'm going to watch KFD with my friends next week =D I CAN'T WAIT!I LOVE JAY CHOU!

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