Sunday, February 03, 2008

CNY is coming

hey guys!chinese new year is coming~so what's ya plans?

Well,I'm not going back to Kampar this year.But I'm going back to Melaka(my mom's hometown) next Sunday.I was hoping to go back this year cuz 3 of my friends's kg is there too!haih..but one of 'em,who is SULIAN!Last year we planned to go out together when we go back kampar this year and we could go out together if anyone of us got licence!But too bad..she's still sick and I'm not going back.How sad!Hope she'll get well soon =] then we could go places together again!with shao,yeng n curry..and all our friends..

CNY...I haven't bought any new shirts!oh gosh!how can this happen!!!!!Well,actually I'm the problem..I'm too choosy ;p Hope to find something special and nice.But u know, things don't usually happen the way you want it to be. Maybe for you,but not for me =[ Okay,wish me luck when i go shopping next time! Haha..

Okay,wish all of you guys out there a very merry Chinese New Year!Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Hope we'll get a lot of ang paos! Hahaha~

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