Thursday, January 31, 2008

college life through my mind,body and soul XD

GEK SAM AH JUST NOW! ... my super duper extra long long long post disappeared suddenly!!damn..

i was in the library,then sat in front of the computer,listening to songs,thinking,typing blog..then suddenly..poof~disappear!oh gosh..was so pissed..but nvm~~i`m cool~who cares~i will write one more interesting post! =D

ok...first of all,I'm now officially a college how it sounds(coll student,no more tao kei) but dont really enjoy it tho..The only thing that i like is more,more time to go out n knowing new friends =] love my friends.will cherish them.have to be with them for..another3-4 years!haha.Well... we,the students,shouldn't dye their hairs,short nails,no coloured nails,then got the ugly waitress uni..the chef uni is quite yeng actually~hahahahaha..only if without the hat..ugly hat~

my course very sanfu ah~~the worst of the worst is carrying plates.Learning how to carry those super duper heavy dinner plates is very very OMG~have to use left hand somore...really OMG!the plates need to be flat,shall not be shaky n hand was shaking tho..mcm earthquake..ahaha..that's what my lecturer said.the plates r so darn heavy and we still have to put on our smile...the fake smile like this >>> =) and not like this >>>(>.<)/=D/=X/XD ish..

then come to geog...oh my goodness...geography is like........SO BORING!!!the lecturer...whao~he's so "wonderful",makes the class so "interesting"!hahaha..sorry ya,no offense!=X

then pastry class was interesting!! gonna make some at home!want some?next time i'll make n take photos~hahaha..made choux chanitilly & Eclair~eclair looks like dog shit(before baking)..then after baking looks like...eclair(after garnishing)..hahaha...

bla bla bla...lazy to talk about my classes lar~~talk sth more general =] CNY is coming!so,how r u guys doing?bought anything?new shirts/pants/bags/shoes...anything..i haven't buy anything yet..haih~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~headache ah~~money is one of the concern,style is another thing.cuz i'm suppose to wear formal to theory if i buy tshirt also cannot wear so often =[ so kesian la me!haha..

went ice skating just now~~was kinda fun lar...tho it's quite meaningless , going in circles~round n round n round~like merry-go-round..hahaha..but it's a healthy activity,better than pooling,become passive smoker~~hahaha..

wish me luck in my studies!hope i could carry the plates n recognize those cutleries,glassware n crockeries!hahaha..ok guys,will update soon =]

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