Saturday, November 03, 2007


I went carefour last night n came back at about 10:15.then i was enjoying the doughnut bought from dunkin' donut...whilst watching tv until 12.well,after that i was playing my brother's game boy sp(i think that's the name?got one more word:advanced.i m not sure what's the exact name.all i know is that it is a device for us to play games =D).mana tau it ran out of batt.and so my mind were thinking about my studies,spm n my future.I'll regret if i don't study at least a lil makes me feel guilty not studying n letting my parents down.i must get at least 5As..for myself XD cuz my mom promised me if i get 5As or above she'll reward me.hahaha.SOOOO...i forced myself to study SEJARAH!it was horrible..i hate sejarah!haih..but what to do,have to lah~for the sake of passing the last i cannot tahan n i went to about 1:30 i guess..

this is the more interesting part =D it's about my dream I'm gonna tell u:

it was an interesting dream i had last night...err...or this morning?lol..nvm~it was adventurous n fun n nice...hehe...well,it started with i don't know how...n the only part i rmb was:

when i saw a bunch of armies or soldiers were fighting(haiyoyo..violence.haha.)in a mansion.then my friends n i were so scared,we hid under the's not those kind of bed-mattress but leaning on the wall-mattress.then somehow the mattress were knocked by 2 soldiers that are fighting n so we ran for our lives.we turned at the corner n when i looked back,there it was.a soldier was chasing behind us.but because of the steel-army-thingy,it made his movement really robotic-slow~haha.then i pretended i wanna run down the stairs(it was those two-become-one kinda stairs) n he got tricked by me(how proud XD hahaha) then i ran back up n caught up with my other friends.

then a girl in the mansion saw us n offered us to hide in her room.she led us to her room.but we have to squeeeeeze in the secret door under the door.get it?the door has a hole at the bottom n we have to squeeze through the ridiculous.the funny part was the hole cant be opened n the girl went in to the room to open the lock to open the hole -.= that was wierd.why cant we just go in by that door?hahaha..

then that girl's aunt i think or mother,she didn't liked us.she offered us some drinks but the spoons n bowls were darn dirty.we have to wash it..ourself n for her too.then what happened after that?i can't remember already.I hope there's part 2.hehe.


benpaul said...

lol... haveu watch anastasia? ur dream sound like dat movie?? hahaha wit some funny action.. ahhahaha ~ben~

sulian said...

HAHAHAHA... exactly. but u know when i have horrible dreams, its quite irritating, coz somehow i realise its a dream and i say to myself, its like, MY dream, so i start changing it to the way i want it to be. LOL. like lets say i'm halfway falling off a cliff or wadeva, i suddenly can fly. HAHAHAHAH

¨¸˙˚‡♀ €£°νëŖ™♂ ‡˚˙¸¨ said...

i watched anastasia..only a lil bit n found it a lil bit boring.haha.cuz i was still small that time.

su lian~u got super power geng~can change eh~haha.
but i love my dreams.i like the way my dreams r...they're fun n adventurous.n sometimes sweet =]

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