Friday, November 02, 2007


do i have a future?of course i do..but what is it?it's so blur.i just cant expect what will happen tomorrow,or the day after n so on...I can't predict what i can't prevent,plus i'm such a lazy bum.always laze around.i could just do anything other than sitting right in front of the desk to study.maybe i'll put more effort next week.since next week's next week is the starting of the SPM exam.ganbatte!

I'm thinking..what should i study after i graduate from sec school?tourism?marketing?or events?can anyone help me?I hope i wont choose a course that i'll regret studying.cuz it'll just waste my time,my effort n my parents' money.

perhaps i should just wait till those colleges' open days n i'll just decide after that.after i've ask all those doubts in my mind.maybe i should just do it this way!so the only thing i should be worrying SPM.cuz it's just...gosh..i cant stop thinking bout SPM.haih.guess im always the last-minute type of girl~

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