Friday, November 02, 2007


This is the 2nd post i wrote here.i have no idea what to write.what should i write?about the problems im facing for SPM?the stupid exam? stucked.i malas nak study la!i just cant sit still to study.that's why i'm here...1am in the morning.can't focus on my studies.when SPM is just less than 2 weeks time.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!HELP ME~STRUGGLING~

O yea..i read cleo mag last few days n i found this quote quite interesting,so i displayed it as my nickname in MSN~heh~
"Getting a kilogramme of meat from a farm to your dinner table causes more greenhouse-gas than driving for three hours. "
Isn't this interesting?haha.I support vegetarian.that's why when i read this article..about the environment,the causes of greenhouse effects...*according to my*i have no doubt in believing it!so ppl,let's eat less meat!good for your health too!alot of toxics is inside those meats~so...let's be part of the vegetarians in this world!=D

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