Tuesday, October 30, 2007


SPM is the short form of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(if i'm not wrong =D).SPM is what we'll face at the end of our form 5's.SPM is what im gonna face in less than 2 weeks time.SPM is....SCARY n FREAKY!!i hate you!stupid SPM.i haven't been studying hard.i cant focus.i cant concentrate.i'll walk around my house whenever i'm studying for few minutes or i'll just knock into my bed whenever i opened the book ><.what's happening!i cant sit still,unless im in front of the comp.haha.

i got my trials' results.it's TERUK. cant imagine if my SPM results r like that.i'll get scolding by my parents.i got only 2 A's in my trials.how "wonderful"~~n the other subjects i got mostly 50+,none failed.LUCKILY.

haih.wish us all the best.us,the spm students!except for those who've been studying really hard,n those borned-to-be-smart-insanely-geniuses~good luck.i'll need all the luck i've got to tembak tembak...during spm.WISH ME LUCK =]

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