Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Castrol Penang Roadshow!

7th July 2011

Safely landed on Penang :D Went to this famous char kuey teow that costs RM7(non-egg), RM7.50(with egg) and RM9.50(big). BUT IT TASTED THE SAME AS THE NORMAL ONES! OMG... felt so conned! anyways, the o jian is quite nice :D Thanks David for the ride and treat for this meal!

Checked in to The Gurney Resort Hotel :D decent hotel!

with jacuzzi!!!!!

Soaking our exhausted sexy legs ;p
10th July 2011

me, Shirly and E-shynn (trying to act sexy hahaha failed !)

Ginny, Shirly, E-shynn, Chui San, Winnie et moi!

11th July 2011

Before we took off, went dim sum at 点心之家 @ Anson Road.
RM30 ++ for ALL this!!! more than enough for 4pax


Cioban Radu said...

hey ! i like the photos verry much :) if you want to contact me : death.living95@yahoo.com

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Guy said...

Yummy! ;)

jiyoshin242 said...

this is amazing news. so.. impressive
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ghibran van java said...

Waw beutiful hehehe

Lj said...

You seem to be so funny! love your photos! keep going! xoxo

ansari said...

Fine but too much photos.

hannyannie said...

omg you ladies are having so much fun without the black american girl on your side :( tear!

shazaty waves said...

yahhh... penang is the best place to visit. im proud bcoz stay at penang. food is the most popular at penang.

Anonymous said...

Wo. Beauty.

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