Saturday, October 11, 2008

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I'm staying in-house. I'm not going to Terengganu already. It's gonna cost me a cert and outdoor catering-in the kitchen experience. Missed the chance to go faraway from home.
But look at the positive side, no need to wash clothes myself, no need to pack, could still meet up with friends here,can come online and not getting homesick! Hey, I'll get chances to switch to different sections and I'm going to FNB soon! (: haha. I'm such an optimist! XD

O well, my back still hurts and my chest hurts too. Couldn't sleep well these 2 days.
Yesterday was making cookies balls to be bake. So damn boring. Whole day rubbing the dough into small balls to be bake only.

Wish my day would be better as time goes by. Same to you all too (:

Sometimes, it's nice to be alone.

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