Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Duh,, Sakit

Back started to ache since 5 something. Chef saw me and asked, then he let me go early. How nice. But the thing is they don't have anything else to do also. Haha.
O well, ate panadol extend. Hope it'll get well soon.

This few days of work were easy job, not much customers, so kinda boring. But it's ok la. Just that kena marah 2 times there by the same person >< Somore the 2nd time I kena marah, kena insulted by the old lady and that I did not do wrong but she thought I did wrong but when she found out that I did not do wrong she said:" I marah dia nak ajar dia aje." Wasei. Nvm... Peace (:

I had my off day yesterday. Went out Cheong K with Yang, Twe and CX. Had fun singing (: Then met up with Danny to have dinner together.

Not sure whether I'm going Terengganu or not.It's the chef's decision and if I could handle it or not. Hope I can go la.

That's all. Gonna update about my Langkawi trip soon I guess,

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