Sunday, November 16, 2008

Big Bang!

Big Bang(빅뱅) is a Korean hip hop & R&B group composed of five members. G-Dragon, Dae Sung, Seung Ri, Tae Yang and TOP, each contributing different vocal or rapping parts. When they first debuted, they were considered to be the new face of the YG Family, a pet name for their managment company YG Entertainment. Although their debut was somewhat successful, it was not until the release of "거짓말" ("Lies") (click to view MV) that the group had great success. Big Bang have been noted for their music as well as their taste in fashion, becoming famous throughout the country in the process.

G.Dragon - rapper, leader

Tae Yang (태양) - vocals

T.O.P - rapper

Dae Sung (대성) - vocals

Seung Ri (승리) - vocals

Their age range from 18 to 21. Very young indeed.
Raps and vocals. Their songs are super smooth.The beat, the tempo, I just simply love 'em! I heart R&B.
Their songs make my body moves(I'm suppose to be sleeping now due to the effect of the med I just took. The med just makes you feel drowsy and in just a few min you'll doze off but their music is keeping me alive! Yeah baby!).It makes you wanna jump and just dance with the beat(I don't know how to dance yo~).
Hope you'll love their music too!


Oh my goodness... My left eye were swollen all of a sudden this afternoon when I finish eating my Roti Canai while watching TV.

My left upper lip has a very irritating pimple there. It's painful! ><

Just like what happened when I was in Awana some time ago. That lasted for at least 2 days! I was so scared that this time will be the same. I couldn't do much but to let my body rest after the long tiring work day. When I woke up, I thought I was alright because I don't feel the swolleness as just now. When I looked into the mirror. "!!!???!?!?!" Both my eyes are swollen(just like last time also). But it's much more smaller compared to just now. Took my shower and dinner and now my eyes are back to normal! Thank God! Haha.

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