Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exam week.

First subject is down! 2 more to go.

The paper, management tools & techniques or management techniques & tools, either one, was kinda easy, easier than what I thought it would be that's why I said it's easy. It's not actually that easy for some people who thinks that's is not easy. Actually I didn't expect the paper to be that hard also. You know, 'cause we paid them and the lecturers did mention " we won't try to fail you wan, no worries"

The paper consists of the combination of 4 subjects. First you have accounts, then you'll have business math and statistics. And I friggin' hate the last part 'cause I friggin cannot do, which is plant and premises where you talk about ventilation. Need to memorize 1 lor! Benci sangat!

I'll be having my England English this coming Thursday. So not gonna study. Flunk it or what, I do not care! I said, I DO NOT CARE! And Fridaaaaaaaaay, we'll be having the hospitality operations paper! The most important one. The most to study. The most... C-A-N-N-O-T fail one!
And this hospitality operations paper would draw a full stop for our term3. And we'll all have our very short short short 1 week break before going to our respective internship place.

Till then, ADIOS!

p/s: Later at 0800am will be Su Lian's cremation ceremony. Friends and I are going. Miss you much, SL!
p/p/s: Will be updating soon about my friend's wedding. Lotsa pictures! (:
Miserable, is what I felt.
Vulnerable, is what I am.

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