Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rainy day (:

Achoo * rub nose * Cold ><
It was raining since this morning. Before I left until I've reached my home. It's still raining. So, what's my point? It's a very nice weather to sleep! Haha.

I spent half of my day at a vegetarian restaurant, Sungai Wang, Time Square, Pavilion and train stations (: And Espressamenre Illy (: Sonia came and picked me up at 12.30 like that, reached college and off we go. From stations to stations, till we reached Bukit Bintang. Walking under the rain is fun! But walking on those puddles of water isn't!!
Really adorable babies we saw in the train and fun to play with XD

Had my brunch at some vegetarian restaurant outside Times. Delicious food they had.

Some spicy mushroom fried rice I ordered (:

Clement and Ken? Some friend of Clem and Russ.

Sonia taking picture of Russell and Cole digging something from Sonia's bag.

Russell posing.

Then we went back into Times and head to Sg Wang to find my red shirt. We went "touring" around Sg Wang and we saw

Click to enlarge何润东. An artist from don't know where =X but he's muscular and tan! me likes (:
O.. He was one of the actor with the Xiao long nu show.

Russ bought some shirts from Romp. And after walking and searching, at last, we found PDI. Tried on the shirts I was looking for and I bought both of them, both reds (: Hehe. Shall wear to college someday.

After that, we walked and walked and we came to this place near KL Plaza(I think) called Espressamenre Illy to have some nice cups of coffee.

Me with my Caffe Fondente

Cole with her coffee powder.

Sonia's Caffe Latte

Went Pavilion's Forever 21 after that and I tried this(refer to picture below) on. Really cute green dress but doesn't look that nice on me ):

Went back home after window shopping at F21.

0100am: Clem, Russ and Sonia are drinking, and they're high! Talking nonsense to me. Ish..

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