Monday, September 08, 2008

Hoping that you'll get well soon (:

Slept at 5.30 this morning due to the stupid "Recycle & Tetra Pak" assignment. Had less than 4-hour sleep. Can't put the blame on the pendrive completely because I was the one who did last minute job ): Sigh...But anyways, I managed to finish my report( not well done tho) with the help of Russ for helping me to find the articles on awareness of teens on environment. Thanks ya.

BDH30 was having some alcoholic exhibition this afternoon. It was not that interesting. They did not had the initiative to approach people or to attract passers-by to go to the hall. But the decors were ok, a lil bit too empty tho; a lot of informations on alcohol beverages but too much words!; games were interesting but same thing, they did not approach us to join their games. One of the games was guessing how many wine cocks, wine openers, gulis and the can cap. Then another 1 I participated was guessing(again) the alcoholic beverages they gave me to drink. The content was 1% Bacardi and 99% cola! David said it was Bacardi. I thought so too. You know why? Because you wouldn't mix cola with beer or wines right? Sweat -.=" Overall, it's quite boring.

Then I had my English presentation at 3. My group of people were presenting about some live TV showing chefs preparing foods and table setting. Pei Ling did the appetizer, tomato mozzarella; Hsu Ann did the main course, some meat ball spaghetti; I did the dessert,chocolate tart; Tania did the beverage, Virgin Pina Colada and David did the table setting and was a host of the TV show too (: It was OK. Apparently, I used too much "after that" due to my nervousness XD

After presentation from our group and the furious five group, class was dismissed (:
Received a call from Shao saying that we could go visit Su Lian. So I called up Yeng to come along too. Went to her house together with Ben and Cole at around 7. She was ill ): Sad to see her that way. I was wondering if she recognise who am I because she couldn't recognise most of the things and people already. I will be praying every single day for you, Su (: Hope you'll get well... one day... We'll go shopping together again! Miss the days when we hanged out together; when you stayed over at my place; when you came over to my place during SPM time. All this, I will cherish it.
Su, get well soon!

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