Sunday, September 28, 2008



At KL central's McD.
McShaker was nice but it gave us some really dry-tongue feeling after eating it.
I don't like the feeling, neither does my sis.
So not gonna eat again.

Was outside Mei Keat's house, under the streetlight chit-chatting.
It was a full moon.

Had some hard time getting into sleep. Woke up quite early the other day.

Getting ready.
Credit goes to my sister, for the beautiful picture she took that makes me look so good, even better than how I look in real life.
My sister aka Hebe =/

At last, the bride's ready! (:
together with the bride's mate, the 3rd sister.

A photo of me and my beloved sister (;

Pei Yun and I

Grace and I

The groom is here. The "ji muis" all are gonna play prank on the groom. It's the tradition, can't blame us! Haha.
Some burger from McD with extra blueberry jam, salt & pepper.

After all the pranks, or shall we call it procedure, finally the groom is allowed to see the bride.


Off they go to the groom's place.

Waiting to 敬茶.

Their new wed bed.

Mei Keat, the 2nd sister of the bride.

新郎, Kevin & 新娘, Peggy.

The sisters of Peggy.

Group photo! pose babe~

When she received our gift. It's a... chewing gum container!
...with RM99.90 inside (:
Wishing them 婚姻圆满, 长长久久, 幸福快乐!

After a long tiring day, we hid in the room and had some chats n nap.
After that, have to be prepared for the wedding dinner. A simple one.

Ee, Yun, Wey, Peggy n Grace.

By the pool at the groom's place.

A lil boy we saw during the wedding dinner.
He was holding the gun and "shooting" people around him, smiling!
Super adorable man!! Haha!!

After the wedding, I dropped by at Taylor's college to "celebrate" mooncake festival with Cole, Sonia, Russ, Clem, Andrew and Wing for awhile. It's just basically going there and play candles and tanglung. Had some chit chats.


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