Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Being accused of someone that you're not or something that you've not been doing is not a good feeling. It's not just "can't you take a joke" so simple, okay?
Told you to stop but you still continued with it. What's your problem o? I told you I don't like it but you didn't listen. I admit I'm a bit pissed but I'll be alright the next day. Not blaming you for anything but hope there's no more next time.
Alright, I would forgive you if you buy me the Nike shoe la. You offered me that, I didn't ask for it. And you also said that you will not smoke tomorrow for the whole entire day if I stop being mad at you.

Read someone's blog and saw this. The Ultimate Prom Nite is an event organised by 8TV for... I don't know? Publicity or making someone famous? They have really funny photos inside =X No offense but some looks really fugly... The one I dislike the most is Reuben Deva with his chest hair bared! But that doesn't mean that I like the others, maybe some but mostly not.

* Oops, photos are in my laptop. Very lazy want transfer to this computer without bluetooth. Next time I'll post up lotsa pictures (: *

Don't hide your emotions. Control.

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