Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's finished! (:

The paper was tough! I think it's because I used only 2 days a few hours to study the whole 3 terms' thick of notes comprising F&B, RD, Culinary together with this term's wine studies and PCC and term 2's food science & hygiene? O well, what could I say? Still that word... Lazy ma, some more Moonlight Resonance is really darn super duper nice! You all should also watch it! But not during exam week, do not learn from me XD

Wanna continue watching shows, adieus(that's how Ah Sa in the moonlight resonance say bye in portuguese) !

p/s: Next up will be the wedding I attended on 八月十五,中秋节.

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Lawrence said...

I got the whole set dvd wanna borrow???

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