Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Term3 is coming to an end soon in about 1 month time. We'll then have our Year End Exam. Then after the very short term break, we'll be heading off to our choice of outlets and do our internship.
O gosh... I'm gonna suffer ):
God bless me!
The interview will be on this Saturday, 11am. I am nervous, I never like interviews. Who likes anyways?!?!

Yesterday LCS was on fire! One of the cars in the basement car park was somehow gone ke-ba-boom and then taadaa, no idea what exactly happened. Not sure got fire or not but... just read David's blog

Nicole was taking pictures...

Hehe (:

O well, bored ma..
It was kinda dark in the basement, flooded too.

Then I had dinner at L'Escoffier for Chinese cuisine with my darling Chooi Yin and the Ivan & Joanne(however you spell it).

Their menu

Sweet and sour fish as main course

My vegetarian fried rice. Thanks to James!! (:

The dessert. It was nice (:
pandan flavoured flour with coconut fillings(aka one of the nyonya kuih) with mix fruit plater and one small chocolate tart.. haha.

Today we had our lunch service. Manager was Kev, bartender was Russ. It was quite messy due to the missing VIPs from my table and Mr.Mayukh said:" Clear yr table and you'll help out Jackie(table beside me). Divide yr work among yourself."
"wow!" I was so happy o: "I'm gonna serve 1.5 people. Hehe." Of course, VIPs always come late. No idea why. Maybe late = special? XD
Service today was hell easy. Because my guests are seniors and so they always make my life easier by helping me do work and so I do less. Hehe (:
Anyways, the senior is kinda cute XD

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meimei said...

wat a nice food!!!!my saliva is dropping>.< vegetarian also got such look ar!!!!look tasty

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