Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh God... Bless me from the horror that will happen few hours later. I never like talking to strangers which is not connected to me at all and keep asking questions I do not like to answer. In short, it's called INTERVIEW! Yeeeee~ I AM NOT NERVOUS.

I'll be sitting train to
The Westin KL.So cool huh... KTM to monorail then walk. Am so gonna sweat...

some rules I need to remember during interview:
  • no bitting lips
  • no blinking too much
  • no playing with hair
  • no shaking legs
  • no errr-ing
Haha... It's only an interview. Chill (:
I am ice-chilled now. Going to bed soon. Will update soon (:

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ťŘåĊ¥ said...

How's ur interview huh?

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