Friday, August 01, 2008

H a p p y :D

Suppose to meet up with Kin and chin after my class today. CAN'T WAIT (:

Wore green shirt and my favourite black pants together with my new heels (: I am feeling TALL~

Reached college early and printed notes for F&B theory class. So hardworking me XD

"OMG, ASSESSMENT?!?!?!?!!!!!??? O.o"
Was ridiculously shocked when Mr. Patrick said assessment and passed papers around. He asked us to write a short essay according to the words given:

grape plant type vine still sparkling

(WOW! I remember XD so proud!)

Dammit! Couldn't remember a single thing from the previous class! IN DEEP SHIT LA! I wrote only 1 sentence:
Wine is a product made by alcoholic fermentation of grapes.
"Haha... He said 20 marks. So here goes my marks lo >< " I thought. Mana tau~ He said "I have both good news and bad news. Which one you wanna hear first? The bad news is this is not your assessment and the good news is your assessment may be anytime!" I was so R E L I E V E D! Thank goodness sial.. So meaning I shall start studying already! ):
Some more next week got kitchen assessment!
Class ended at 11 and I also finished my restaurant practical worksheet (:
Went down to 2nd floor and had some "fun" with Sonia and Ivan together with Bishy Bashy(however you spell it). It wasn't really fun because I was bullied by the sushi sashimi(Sonia).
Btw, with my new heels on, I am T-A-L-L-E-R than Sonia!! XD
Then later on Chin called saying that she reached already. Couldn't find her car >< was so faraway ma. The feeling when I see Kin and Chin --- H A P P Y !!! Love my girlfriends so much!
Chin drove us to pyramid. Went and queue up to buy movie tix - The Mummy III @ 5.10pm. What a
LONG queue! It took us almost half an hour to buy our tix. But it's worth it. After that, we went Kim Gary to have lunch and met up with TW too. The 3 of us wore GREEN! Such a coincidence! Had great chit chats among the 4 of us (:
TW is disgusted by poser Kin :PMe and Chin (;The food we ordered.

Then we went to Toast Box to yum cha cuz Chin said very noisy at Kim Gary. After paying, went Jusco to buy water. Desiree called me and we met up at Jusco. She was alone at Starbucks! After that, we went and sat and continue our chit chat at Toast Box. I ordered another thick toast(fattening sial ><).But it was nice! RM6.80 for 1 thick toast, 2 half-boiled egg and kopi/teh(Rm0.30 for cold beverage). So mine was RM7.80 after all the taxes. Gah..Malaysia! I am officially poor now! Wallet left back RM12.65 only! O.. because I paid for their movie tix. So gonna get back my RM60 bucks from them on Monday when I see them at coll! ><
Random photo ;pThe thick toast I ordered (: Butter with Kaya

After another round of chit chat, it's time for us to leave, for my beloved Brendan Fraser movie XD Kin went meet up with her bf, JW. And I also met up with Sashimi and the others. Then went in to the cinema. So the banyak advertisements!
"Wooooo~ start already. " finally... " Eh, Jet Li! Jay's idol" I told Chin. The Jonathan(John Hannah) guy is so FUNNY! He's Rick(Brendan Fraser)'s someone la, forgot already. The movie was OK, but well, the mummies wasn't really mummies but the million-mummies army for the long-dead evil Emperor Han. Jet Li's handsome, Brendan's so cute, John's funny (:
Chin n I went back straight after the movie. Kin and JW went pak tor makan dinner. We bid farewell to each other.

What a nice day spent with my
good girlfriends (:


Chatted with Su Lian just now. Felt sad for her. She's going to the hospital tomorrow again! But at the same time, I think that she's one strong girl, after what she have been through. Will treasure our friendship forever my dear (: Love you <3

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meimei said...

green!!!my favourite colour also leh....muackkkk.not kissing u but green green....hihihi
so nice spending your time with your friends...

your gf very pretty yo!!

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