Thursday, July 31, 2008


Slept quite late yesterday, about 4am, or I should say this morning. Was waiting for my sister to come back. Had IMG(Indo Mee Goreng) tar-pao-ed by my sister before she came back. So... forgivable larh~ XD

Had a terrible dream last night, in that short 5 hours-sleep. Wouldn't want that to happen in my reality. MUST HAVE STRONG DETERMINATION! You can do it! Sigh~

Oops.. Had extra class at 11.30 and ALOT people didn't turn up so the extra class is postponed. Felt so bad for those who woke up early and went early. q:

Pictures taken in the past few weeks and was lazy to blog:

Went out with Desiree, bought new heels (: makes me same heightey with Desiree!

Heading to some night market near OUG. Ate Tauhu Busuk. But ended up having dinner at Steven's Corner(expensive mamak stall -.=) inside the pasar -.="

Part time job at Lagoon's Zazu restaurant for some banquet. FREE flow of liquors and wines(for customers)~ Had a few cups during and after work XD
Knocked my thigh )':

Was working with friends at KLCC for Gala de Latin(some annual dinner for don't know what company). Didn't like my partner(he has body odour! ><). Work ended at 11. Had short briefing and collected our paycheck (: Then waited for the bus till 12:30! And reached college at 1 something? Ate at mamak till 3 something. Had some good laughter with the DC ppl!


GREEN Nike sneaker spotted at Bata, Carefour Subang. Price at RM189. Couldn't afford. I am POOR! ):

My FIRST home-made chocolate tart :D
Ate ONLY ONE PIECE! Damn sad ):

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meimei said... egg or not!!!heh!vegetarian ppl dun luan luan lai leh...

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