Saturday, July 05, 2008

Everything Happens For a Reason

There was a post from my friend, J. It tells us what happened, which is not exactly true. He deleted for some particular reasons. So... the post was basically about our circle of friendship and bla bla bla.

And there's a correction:
1. D feel very sad and blame C that C causes A become not serious in everything. C feel very guilty and sad.

According to D, D didn't put all the blames on C because it's MOSTLY B(A's friend)'s fault(it's very true). D called C for like... around 3 hours++ just to talk about this problem and some other stuffs la(there goes her credits -.=" ).And it's kinda settled so no worries. JUST GO WITH THE FLOW. We'll start term 3 FRESH and it's gonna be a FRESH term for us. And do remember that:
Below is a convo between J n I:

J says (11:54 PM):

Everything Happens For a Reason says (11:55 PM):
this is how the world would be
full of things that are out of your expectations
things don't usually go the way u want it to be
J says (11:57 PM):
Everything Happens For a Reason says (11:57 PM):
you must not think that " i don't want it to be like this. why is this happening?"
Everything Happens For a Reason says (11:58 PM):
maybe sometimes you should just let it be
because everything happens for a reason
J says (11:59 PM):
dunno la
dun k la

J was asking why are those things happening to us. J said he regrets introducing B to A but no one will blame you, J. I think B is just another obstacle that A has to overcome(meaning B is a problem that A has to deal with because of the different perspective point of views. A has to convince people that B is a nice girl). I have no idea what am I talking...

My point is that
I think C, D and J do not like A being together with B. I think A knows. I think A will ignore it. I think B will not even care.

I used I think because it's not proven. That's all I wanna say so far. __________________________________________________________________________

Afternoon I went to this vegetarian restaurant to have lunch. All the foods are sold only at RM2! Isn't it wonderful? Haha. It's located in SS15. Turn in from shell then turn into Herbs N Food and go straight(I think) .

Chicken Rice

Assorted Mee

Wantan Mee

Free plain water and chinese tea.

This is basically a vegetarian restaurant that sells meat-free food. It's a self service restaurant. After you order, you'll have to go to the counter and take it yourself; After you finished, you have to put all the dining equipments at a corner as told. You can also have unlimited water/ chinese tea for free, self service of course. Tho they sell all the foods for only RM2, but the amount of food was sufficient to fill the stomach.

My thoughts: The tauke was kinda friendly. But he smokes! *shakes head*

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