Friday, July 04, 2008

Cheong-ed K~

Sing K is one of my favorite pass times. Haha.

So today I went out with Yang, Twe, Tongy, CX(all from my high school) and Jackie(college mate). We had quite some fun. Here are some pros and cons of cheong K:

1. Kills time.
2. Spend some quality time with yr dear friends.
3. Release anger/ stress.
4. Improves your singing skill.
5. Show off your skill, e.t.c. ...

1. Waste money
2. Too cold sometimes(but you could bring jacket/ borrow scarf)
3. Embarrass yourself(if you're not good in singing, and that is why you need to go more often!)

Well, I had fun. But at the end potong stim la! Wanted to sing Shin(信乐团)'s songs but ngam ngam 6.30 aje, time's up! So sad you know? The next few songs gonna be so shock. Memang potong stim! ><

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