Sunday, July 06, 2008


So, today was our first day at coll for term3. It's kinda boring... as usual. Haha.

O well, nothing special happened. That's so sad.

And I believe that there are rumours around about some people about some things that is not proven. "危言聳聽" is a Chinese idiom saying that rumours created on purpose and in an exaggerating way(not sure is it translated this way). Just don't believe in what people tells you. So you gotta see it with your own eyes. I will soon, see it with my own eyes. Hopefully it will prove me and the rumours wrong. Hallelujah~ Oops... Amitabha! =]

I shall turn into a nerd starting... 2 days later. Wish me luck.

P/S: Cole Gan Xin Mei said that "startin from tomolo.. we..s in me aka monkey..n sonia aka..stil sonia..ll not skip class d.ok?n sonia ll sit on ya left n den i'l sit on ya left n she'l sit on ya right da day afta tomolo"
I'm posting this so Gan will not eat her promise! Haha.

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