Wednesday, July 23, 2008

F&B practical class.

Last night, last minute found my guests. THANKS DEBRA! haha.. She managed to find Ian and his friends to be my guests, how sweet! =]

Today, we're having our F&B practical class. We have a new lecturer called Mr. Mayukh Dewan, from India and Mr. Tay Boon is no longer our lecturer. He did some briefings with us and he's like teaching a bunch of new students, a bit too detailed and naggy. But he did try to make some jokes. "Not bad ah.." I think.

My guests were the first to came in. Got panicked as usual, but everything went smooth... maybe not so smooth but better than all the previous services. We served "wine" today. It's actually just wine bottles with tap water. Haha. I didn't know how to "uncock" the wine bottle. Mr. Mayukh helped me tho.

I'm so proud of myself XD I managed to clear the dinner plates with bb plates together. Well, for me it's a BIG improvement because I never managed to clear the dinner plates with bb plates together! (ya ya, I know... lousy right? -.=) Bla bla bla~ End of service! yeepee. So happy. haha.

"Yesterday was Mayukh's birthday. So later we will make a drama scence that goes: we dont like your class and just walk off. Then Tay Boon will talk to Mayukh and then we shall all go into the kitchen and come out with the cake" Someone told me. Woo.. Cool plan. So we followed the plan and Mr.Mayukh's eyes were watery when he turned around and saw all of us and David holding the cake. Chef Azura said he lost his appetite when David said: We don't like your teaching, we're walking off or something like tht la. Haha. I think HE'S VERY SAD when he heard that from a student from the first class. Pity him kena played prank by all of us. The End =]

After service, we had english class. Ms. Alice gave us Spelling test. My english is BAD! Can't spell 4-5 words. And some other words were spell wrongly. Dammit. Class ended early because of this workshop about How to write a CV/resume. I went.. IT WAS SO DARN BORING and so I did something =D

I used Ivan's wine opener's blade to make it. But ugly sial ><

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the surprise n also for the description. i will try to be less 'naggy' in the future.
take care

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