Thursday, June 26, 2008

The day before THE day...

23rd June 2008

Things happen. Yes I know. Life has it's ups and downs. Yes I know.

Alot of bad things happened lately in my life. I don't wanna mention who and what, but the person itself should know la. But here are somethings I wouldn't wanna keep it to myself.

Supposingly, 2 people are coming over to my house to overnight. Then later on the 3rd person called and somehow asked something and somehow said they 2 are going to her house to sleep. "Owh okay, I'm fine with that."... But without informing me earlier? Can't they be more responsible?

WTH is wrong with that monkey? I'm kinda pissed off by her lately, for her
immature thinking and irresponsible attitude sometimes. It annoys me you know. Sigh~~~

There's a Chinese idiom saying:" 當局者迷,旁觀者清". It means that, a person in the situation is blur, but the others are clear about what's happening. Not sure is this relevant or not, but I'm just saying. I see changes in you. You're no longer the person I know in the beginning. You're turning into another person, which I personally don't like. Your this new friend, she's a really bad influence. She's immature and pampered, and you're stupid enough to go and "zhao"(Cantonese: Humour - something like obey/
to please someone by agreeing or doing as what they want) her. I know you don't befriend her because of her money. But I have no idea what are you thinking la(curiosity you said? Can't you see what is she doing to you? And you're still happy about it? I can't stand her IF she does that to me loh! But well, maybe you like it, or maybe just pretending, ONLY GOD KNOWS) . You said it's your life. So okay, live it your way then. I'm just so disappointed at you, my dear friend. I just wanna let you know that this is no more the you that I know. Maybe you're like this since God-knows-when but just that I don't know and I seriously don't like it. I prefer the old you, where I first met you. I think that you should guide her through her life if you're with her and not pamper her just like what everyone else are doing.

*I think I need to control myself more, control my bad temper! Gah!* This monkey's friend is really pissing me off by her very very very very selfish attitude! wtf la... You're rich, SO WHAT?! Don't mess up other's life la. You want everything to be like how you wanted it to be? LET ME TELL YOU! You're living in a world, that is faked by you and your money. You're gonna suffer hell alot later on when you grew up in your life. Kena pampered like queen, attitude also one-kind. I don't like your "that"-attitude, I think some others think so too lo~ My first impression of you was good, those fun to hang around, outgoing, happy-go-lucky type of girl. But I guess there are still some things I haven't seen in you, yet(when the moment I first met you) . But time tells almost everything. I'm starting to dislike you. And I think there are people other than me that dislike you too! So isn't it the time for you to change to a better person? Just like what I'm doing. And I'm pretty sure that your parents would be so touched/ glad that their daughter had become a much better person. DO TAKE MY ADVICE! *Can't help it tho*

My assumption: The monkey will get pissed/unhappy/hate me if she sees this I guess. And the whosoever will maybe deny it or maybe "hire" a bunch of people to come "talk" to me. But this is my life. I'll say what I want!

P/S: All this are just my thoughts and I'm kinda straightforward. This is what blogs are for, to write what you want to say! So if you don't like it, TOO BAD FOR YOU!

There's a wound in my heart; someone please help me )':

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