Monday, June 30, 2008


Date: 26th of June 2008

Location: Room XXXX at Swiss Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut Lumut Perak M'sia

Criminals: A bunch of uncivilized monkeys

Victims: Room guests & housekeepers

This was what happened:

When we opened the door, it was quite shocking to see this very horrible, terrible and vegetable scene ><>
First of all, they finished up all our instant noodles! Cracked egg shells were found on the floor and they even finish my Ligo Raisin ): And worst of all, they opened up the packet of SPAGHETTI! But they didn't eat it. SCREW YOU MONKEYS! At least if u eat it I won't feel that it's a waste. But since all your bacterias had infected our very precious Italian breakfast --- Spaghetti, we have to leave it there ):

Total disaster

They "EAT" coffee powder...


Is this where they make their way in?
They even eat my vegetarian maggi mee inside this room ><

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