Monday, June 23, 2008

Festival Court Metrage de Taylor's 2008

It's been a while that I came here. I was too lazy to blog. I took all the pictures and wanted to post all in my blog but well, laziness came and stopped me from blogging. haha. And so, I'll start with the recent most happening event, the..

Festival Court Metrage de Taylor's 2008

This is all about showcasing the short films that we, the DH29, DC29 n CH? people have done! There were all 17 of us participating in this, producing 17 different short films, in our own ways =D It's a compulsory as it's our Moral Studies assignment. All we have to do is follow all the criteria stated and start to shoot our own films about HIV/AIDS.

After all the 17 films we watched, I can't deny, and no one can... Desperate Mouthwash was really a catch! It was almost like a really cool production from the DC students *Round of
applause* .And at the end, as expected, they won the best film award. Congrats!

I st
ole this picture from Friendster =X

There were a few awards given out.Best director, Best actor/actress, best poster and the merit award accompanying the BEST FILM. Our production house, named TLC Production House, won the merit award, which was really unexpected.

TLC Production House proudly presents you, An End To Loneliness!

Me, posing with THE Merit Award, with my lil bro!


Back to my story. As a group leader, ya, me... group leader. The making process was... difficult. There were arguments and misunderstandings. Some people do not know what is co-operations, they do not know what is team work, they do not know what is respect. It reached my limit where the other side of me showed up. They never seen me like that before, at least not in the past few months. Wouldn't wanna say it out here =] So yea, the making process were tough! Ideas kept coming n going. We tried to shoot like 395721740 times BUT at the end we decided to use the song-idea, which came to me... like 2 weeks before the submission day?

That day, when I was getting ready to college and I saw this CD on my desk. It's David's and because he knew that I'm a Buddhist, a kinda religious one so he borrowed me this " Cradles in Buddha's Arms" CD few months ago. So i decided to grab the CD and bring it along with me. Buddha blessed me! I played it with my laptop and waalaa~ I found this song --- The End To Loneliness. It was like 90% perfect for our film. So I asked a few of them, couldn't remember if they agreed or not. But since no ideas contributed and if yes, it wasn't acceptable, so I INSISTED on using this lyrics as a guide to our films, like making a music video out of that song using HIV as our theme. I think at first they didn't agreed but well, if a group leader says A, you don't say B! hahaha. just joking, I'm not that bad of course.

After all the taking videos and pictures, in just 2-3 days(you can see it because the main actor is wearing only 2 types of shirts, the purple one and the red one. haha. We came to an end product called: An End To Loneliness. You wanna watch it? *JUST SAY YES! aherm* It's up on the youtube.
Here's the link to our film. Hope you'll enjoy (:
And say it's nice! haha.

I can feel the success, no failures allowed

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