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23rd Nov 2008

It was a beautiful Sunday. Parents were out, we were bored, so Pyramid, the nearest shopping mall, here we come. Her boyfriend came pick us up. Actually we've planned this the night before... So yea, whatever. We bought our movie tix. Igor,The Evil Scientist. So many cartoons these days. First Madagascar, then Igor, now BOLT! Hehe. It's not the cartoon I'm fancy about, it's the comedy that attracts me. They are cute characters with exaggerated actions. Quite cool don't you think?

Alright, then we went Sushi Zanmai to have our lunch. Ordered some sushis. I had... something with Soba noodle, my sister ordered the same but with Udon noodle. Soy-sauce-based soup... SALTY! I added lotsa chili flakes and macha(drinking green tea) XD You can't say it's weird. It actually neutralized the taste, not so salty. I liked it! (: And my sister said it's not bad.

Xuan and Wey aka bf n gf <3

After lunch, watched Igor. It was... normal. But Igor and Eva... So romantic (:
After movie, we had hi-tea, at this korean restaurant opposite shi lin( they sell the famous chicken chop) and had their korean pancake. It was so big, somore we ordered 2 plates! ><> thank you.

24th Nov 2008

Parents and my bro sis came back from Genting today. My friend's bro got married yesterday and she has this small blue bag souvenir with an egg, a muffin, 4 jellies and a packet of snack inside, from the wedding and gave it to me. So nice of her (:

Went swimming after that. Omg... It's been quite awhile since I went to a swimming pool to swim. I guess more than 3/4/5 years? The last time I swam was when I'm at Langkawi frolicking under the sun in the sea.

Then when I was munching on the cheese "tart" in front of the TV, I heard this really familiar car engine so I looked out. I thought it look like Chris's car, which Sonia always drive. I saw this guy wearing snow cap sitting at the back seat looking at me as they drove pass my house. I was thinking" Who the hell is this malay guy? Do I know him?"

But who cares? They've drive passed, so I turn my head back and focus on my cheese "tart" and TV. The next thing I know is someone giggling outside my house and as I turn, I stoned, with my mouth half opened (because I was just about to have another bite on the tart). I stared at the person outside for a few seconds till my dad shout at me" Hey, your friend!"
I only then realise, they're really here! Back in Subang to celebrate my birthday tomorrow! (:
O, by they I mean Cole, Sonia and Russell. Then we had a lil chat outside. They wanted me to spend my night with them so they could surprise me with their surprises.

So their surprises wasn't really surprising but it was really sweet. They came late(as usual) then we came to KK by this HUGE lake. So they brought out the Black Label and coke and some snacks... Then Cole insisted me to open the car boot. The moment I opened, the scent of durian went into my nostrils. I saw this huge board they made for me, with messages behind it and 4 small boxes of secret recipe cakes. 2 were Durian cake, 1 was durian cheese cake and the other is chocolate cake. I HEART durian cake!

This is the message board they made for me. And the necklace was a birthday gift from Yang. He bought it in Singapore. It's a butterfly shaped necklace with 2 four leaves clover on each side together with blings blings. The length is adjustable by pulling the bling bling. Awesome! (: LOVE IT! Thank you Chin Yang!!!

Can't stop taking pictures of it. It's so gorgeous! <3

26th Nov 2008

Met up with Chin Yang and we went Neway. It's a KTV where people hold the mic and sing/ shout. Later on Cole came and Sonia FFK me. ISH!!
After singing, the 3 of us went pyramid's Segafredo to have our dinner, with Sonia.

Before leaving, Sonia/ Cole put this doughnut on the table. It was so embarrassing. Luckily there wasn't much customers and we're inside the restaurant. Sonia even called the leng zai waiter to sing for me. Malu sial... That pretty much ends the day.

p/s: Thank you for remembering my birthday and wished me. Love you guys!

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