Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boo and yay!

OMFG, I am so outta control!!! I kept on eating and eating and eating and eating... Just can't stop myself. Why is this happening to me? No, I'm not having any stress or breakdowns.

So, I did what I did like the last few days except that I visited the toilet more than I usually do. Stomach ain't feeling well. It was like growling and it still does now. Is she angry that I keep on feeding her? Hmmm... I don't really care actually.

This morning, skipped breakfast. I was too into Ugly Betty till I forgot the time. When I finally realize, it's already lunch time. So I ate my rice,which I don't usually do. I always skip lunch and have tea time XD

Actually I wanted to renew my MyKad TODAY. But my current MyKad is with my sister which is in Melaka now, so I FAILED to renew my hideous picture on my MyKad! Dammit... I somore had make up on my face! That's so wasting my time and make up which lead to wasting my make up remover and cotton pad and also water. Just blabbing. Hehe. So I went to take my allowance(that's the reason why I picked today to renew my IC because the place is just opposite the hotel!). Bump into a few former colleagues. Really nice to see them (:

So, after I got home, I continue watching Ugly Betty. I grabbed some ice cream with complimentary of crackers. Then I had a whole packet of potato chips to myself. Are they bad? ): I feel so sorry to my stomach... my digestive system... my throat. Haih... SooOoORrrRraaAaYy~~~

Wooo.. and I'm going to play badminton with my friends next morning at 3K. It's been ages since I played or even exercise! Haha. Gotta sleep early today. Don't know where we'll go after badminton-ing (: Times? Sungai Wang? AKA, Lala Land. ;p

Anyways, it's time for desert! Blueberry cheesecake! Catch up next time (:

p/s: Damn, this is annoying! My bro kept on replaying his tadika concert's dvd, only that particular song(bu pa bu pa la), and dancing in front of the TV. He danced on the same song for like... 4 times? Oh gosh... He's playing another song now(YMCA). how many times he's gonna repeat this time? Darn! Gonna get away from this place.

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