Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alright, so yesterday, during break time, I talked to the HR and Mr. Tan from career center of Taylor's.

Then, Monkey came to Concorde and passed me tar pao vegetarian mix rice for me *so sweet*

After work, went and find Mr.Kuhen from HR and we talked and then I'm officially released from Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. I was given the permission to end my training. Woohoo.. Holidays rock!

Monkey and her younger sister came and pick me up from Concorde and we went to my place to wait for Backside to come. We four went to Pyramid and watched Bolt. Wanted to watch Wild Child but they didn't have nice seats so Bolt it is.And now I'm waiting for Ice Age 3 to release next year.

While waiting till 7.40 for our movie, I met Syah and Zai. Then after the movie, I met Zainul, Lyn and Haziq. They are all from Concorde, what a coincidence! (:

Random picture

And then we saw this really nice Xmas tree made out of Heineken Bottles with lights.

the Levi's adv board behind, the guy is cute d:

p/s: Dear Santa, I would like some hot dates to spend my holidays with. Female or male, or maybe shemale, it doesn't really matter.

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