Friday, December 12, 2008


Alright. Today is... just another normal day... Normal as in NO MORE WORKING! Weeee~ Hehe.

Monkey came and pick me up from my house to Concorde. Because I need to hand in my appraisal form and do all the clearance thingy. I'm now 100% not a part of Concorde anymore. Maybe not. I still haven't got my allowance for last month. Have to wait till next week. Meaning I'll have to go back next week. Ish... Stupid unorganized financial or HR... Why so long to get paid? It's not like you're paying 1000. It's only a freaking RM190.90(that's what I got for the first month I worked) per person! Screw Concorde! But will miss some of the people over there (: Nvm, we'll go out together some other time.

Then Monkey and I went to Pyramid and met up with Backside and Clem to watch Bimbo Wild Child (: It turns out not really bimbo-ish anyways. It's quite a fun show to watch IF and ONLY IF you're not sitting in the few front rows... HATE sitting in the front rows. It makes me go dizzy wizzy.

Before that I bought a chili red shorts (:

I'm lovin' it

p/s: Ate Duriant tart. Sis bought it from 1U. Delicious (:

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