Sunday, December 14, 2008


Slept at 5am the night this morning. Woke up at 12pm later. No plans. It was another rainy day and staying at home day. *sigh* Wanted to go out but my friend last minute said couldn't make it.
Really had nothing to do so I started to find something to do. I paint my toe nails black and removed my finger nail polish and painted purple. But I find it rather ugly on my hand so I removed it and put on the same color as I did before, pink. FYI, I hate pink. But this pink isn't that obvious. It's more to transparent-ish and gives you shiny surface.

Flipped through Cleo and saw my horoscope reading. It says my lucky days are 6th, 7th, 13th and 31st. I was thinking "when's 13th? Monday? Aiyar... don't care la."


After dinner, went to Subang Parade with my family. Better than rotting at home, growing spider webs and fungus. OK, my real intention of going there was that my mom's there, so if i caught my eye on any non-expensive stuffs, I can persuade her to buy for me. q; I saw this flats in Voir, it's kinda nice but I didn't buy it. Maybe next time. Went into Parkson. It was close to heaven. I saw clothes(dull) then I saw bags, more bags and more bags, I saw
purses, I saw heels, I saw CR*, all on sale. OMG! I couldn't stop staring at the purse! It was simple and nice. Plain brown leather with golden Carlo rino words on it. But my mom would never buy for me. ): So forget about it. But then I lay my eyes on this black heels. Tried it on, looks nice, price cheap(It's only a blardy RM44.50!), pay money (: How lucky I am~ (: It's the 13th! I'll take you as my lucky heels!

Love it!

O and forgot to mention last few days. This is a notebook Monkey bought for me from Starbucks(She gave it to me on Tuesday). Gorgeous notebook that emphasizes on GREEN.
I'll make it my everyday-must-bring-notebook for the whole entire year of 2009.

Leather cover

Some messages she scrambled wrote for me on the page of November, my birth month.

*CR = Carlo Rino, one of my favorite brands.

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