Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Retarded Mommy's Day


Happy-Retarded-Mommy's-Day-xoxo-cake with a small notes on tissue paper

Well, as a mother myself, I got 5 different kind of cakes from my retarded daughter( Sonia) and her friends, which are... refer to the tissue notes below. (They were from the newly opened Secret Recipe in Glen Marie, I think...)

(From happy) Chocolate moist cake, Chocolate mud cake, Blueberry cheese cake, Yogurt cheese cake and marble cheese cake

The note on the tissue.

This happened at around 6.30 i think. I was in Jackie's car with Beste. Cole,David and Sonia weren't at the park when we reached there. So we had a little tour around my housing area and I was the tour guide XD Haha.

Then, Jackie received a call, and bla bla bla... He said David they all still haven't reach. WHY? because Cole was changing and all so they got out late and stuck in the jam. I fell for that stupid lie because... Cole does take A LOT.. i repeat.. A LOT of time just to change. Don't know why... but yea... That's her... What to do? Sigh~

After that, we go round n round n round around my housing area. Until they reach, and we went to the park, and then i was asked to close my eyes. I was wondering why... WHY? then that monkey ran from all the way across just to make me close my eyes. It was fun tho... try to escape from them-trying-to-close-my-eyes-game. Haha. After all the laughing and chasing and stomach aching, we finally got to the place, my eyes were allowed to see the lights again! Ha-le-lu-jah~ and.. guess what? THEY BOUGHT ME 5 DIFFERENT PIECES OF CAKES! OH MY BUDDHA~ My first reaction was...
" OMG, TQ guys! Cakes for me? So nice of you all!!!!!" *and then with the watery eyes... sobbing*
...NOT! Instead, my first reaction was *stone* after a few seconds, then followed up by
hahahahaha. Can't blame me because... I really really crave for durian cake for ages.

WELL, after all this craps, all i wanna say is..... THANK YOU FOR WHAT U ALL HAVE DONE FOR ME =] Oh people, WAIT MAN~~~ Do u think i will say that? Actually what i wanna say is
"I WANT DURIAN CAKE!!! I lilly lilly lilly lilly lilly lilly lilly lilly lurb duian cake!"

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