Saturday, April 05, 2008



It's April Fool Day.I didn't had plans to prank people, but well,at the end of the day i did fooled some people =]

That morning i went to pyramid, with Cold and John.We watched 27 dresses.It was quite nice tho. But inside the cinema i was freezing. Walked around the mall till 6 something n went home with Jon. In the car,Cold wanna prank ppl by saying that she has turned into homosexual. So, of cuz i'm her "les" partner~ We took pictures, she kissing me.

That night when i came online,she sent me this picture,and i put it as my display picture in MSN. So that's when i started to tell people that's my Underground lover XD I managed to con a few people, saying that i just coupled with this guy, from my college(but actually it's just Cold). Can't stop laughing when people got conned. I felt so evil =X

After the clock strikes midnight, I stopped laughing and my mood ain't getting better.Someone came online and said something to me. My mood was down. And so i slept at 4am. I didn't know what I was thinking. I'll keep this thing to myself. Hopefully will get over this soon =] GAMBATTE!

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