Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's been quite some time

Long time didn't update this blog. A lot of things happened.

Tomorrow Imma having culinary assessment at 9.30 and interview with Concorde Hotel Shah Alam at 2.30pm for my internship. The previous interview with The Westin failed. I don't know what to say la. Unsuccessful for Pelangi Beach Resort(they don't accept trainees), Langkawi Lagoon(they only accept culinary students) and Westin(they said they will not provide transportation for night shift) and now, shortlisted for Concorde Hotel SA.

Soon, I'll post up pictures that I've took since the last time I blogged (:

Before that, here are a few pictures I took after my interview at The Westin KL:

The Living Room @ Westin KL

Qba @ Westin KL

Prego @ Westin KL

Indian Kitchen @ Bangsar

Something delicious and something nice @ Indian Kitchen (:

You think you're loving but you don't love me, I want to be free, baby you've hurt me

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