Monday, April 12, 2010


It's quite another-nothing-else-to-do week again. The initial plan was to follow the Gans family to Pulau Redang on 12th April but it got canceled last minute for Gans-know-what reason. So say bye bye to Redang ); *sobs*RM1.6k per room per night is too much for people like me and maybe you too.. What kinda plan is this to conserve marine life? Why not just ban resorts that do not have any proper sewage system and waste control? ): why raise price?! This is damn saddening for people that adores beaches.. since Pulau Redang offers such beautiful scenes and diving experience (tho I've never dived before cuz skin diving is already enough to make my ears hurt, diving? ha ha ha.. my ear will burst!) at such an affordable price! It's such a sweetheart! but with this kinda price for upper class people for an exclusive getaway in this soon-to-be high end holiday destination, we can ONLY say, R.I.P. (Redang is plain). Without all of this people that make Redang a wonderful experience, Redang will be dead, in terms of LIFE!

p/s: I'm waiting for 2.30am. just to catch my all time favourite korean game show "Love Letter".


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Mich | WYue said...

hey.... just drop by say Hi...didnt pass by ur blog kinda long! i lurve the broga pic up there.!!

link me.. see ya!

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